Can I give my dog spicy food?

My dog ate Indian food
My dog ate spicy Indian food, What do I do?

Spices increase the taste of food considerably for humans but spicy food should be avoided as much as possible when given to dogs. If you are too willing to give spicy food to your dog, you must give very miniscule quantities and see their reaction before giving any further spicy food or items.

Certain spices like turmeric and dry ginger will increase immunity of dogs from several diseases and viruses including the Covid-19 which is mostly affecting humans but could transfer to pets as well.

What spices can dog eat?

Dogs can eat spices like Basil, Turmeric, black pepper (just a pinch of it in food), dry ginger and cinnamon. These spices are known world over for increasing immunity in humans as per the guidelines and notifications from Ministry of AYUSH of Government of India. AYUSH word consists of seven systems of medicine, namely, Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Sowa Rigpa and Homeopathy. The spices or herbs come under Ayurveda system of medicine and most of the spices have medicinal properties. They will increase immunity of dogs as well. Turmeric contains Curcumin which helps in fighting many diseases. So the best spice will be turmeric, basil and dry ginger but these cannot be given raw, as raw form of useful herbs do not have too good a taste, and has to be mixed in powdered form while preparing food for dogs.

Are the spices which are useful for dogs, costly?

The spices or herbs which are useful for dogs like turmeric, basil and dry ginger are not costly. You may even make dry ginger powder at home by buying fresh ginger, grating it and then drying it in Sun before making in powdered form in a mixer grinder.

You may also plant a basil herb at home in a small pot, pluck and dry its leaves regularly before making powder of the dried leaves.

Do dogs taste food the same as humans? 

Dogs have one sixth of taste buds in their mouth as compared to humans and have a little different taste. All depends on how you have brought them up, are you giving herbs or spices to your puppies from starting when they were very small. If they develop a taste of something from starting, they will carry on with it in future.

What if a dog eats spicy food

What spices are not good for dogs?

Herbs like red chili are not good for dogs. Dogs being animals will not be able to tolerate too much red chilies in food. This herb should be completely avoided from food of your favorite dog. Also too much of anything is really bad, so avoid giving any other spice in large quantities.

Can spicy food prove fatal for dogs?

Spicy food will not be fatal for dogs but they may vomit or suffer from indigestion or excessive thirst. Dogs will feel extremely uncomfortable if too much spicy food, mostly consumed by humans, is given to pet dogs. So as pet parents you need to avoid giving spicy food to your pup because pups can eat same dog food every day and they don’t get bored with same food like humans do.

In conclusion, you should avoid giving too much spicy food to your dear pet as it may upset their stomach. Only certain natural useful herbs can be given to pet dogs which boost their immunity power from various diseases and viruses including novel corona virus. Useful herbs like basil, turmeric and dry ginger can be sprinkled on dog food occasionally. So choose the spices you give to your dog very carefully and avoid too much spicy food as much as you can to evade any trouble with their health.

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