Can I give ZzzQuil to my dog?

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My dog ate takins, Now what?

Is Zquil safe for dogs?

No, you should not give ZzzQuil to your dog. ZZZquil contains 25mgs of diphenhydramine which is an antihistamine as its active ingredient. Diphenhydramine is also known popularly as Benadryl.

If your dog’s weight is between 10-25 pounds, and is overall healthy, especially not having glaucoma or heart disease in the past, then you don’t need to worry about this at all, he will be fine. But it is not advisable to give ZZZquil to your dog as it is not natural for your dog to have such medications. Only use it if directed by physicians or you have the knowledge of its dosage.

How many doses of ZZZquil should I give to my dog?

The dosage for dogs varies from dog to dog depending on their health condition. But a standard dosage of oral ZzzQuil for a healthy dog is 1mg to 2mg per pound of bodyweight of your dog. Generally, most drug stores will have diphenhydramine tablets of 25 mg meaning that capsule is suitable for a dog with 15 to 25 pounds of body weight. It can be given orally every 8 hours or around 2-3 times a day.

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What is the effect of ZzzQuil on my dog?

ZzzQuil contains Diphenhydramine or Benadryl which is an antihistamine. Antihistamines can cause sleepiness or hyperactivity in some dogs, which may lead to your dog being very sleepy or very active at that time. It may help in the prevention of motion sickness in dogs and also acts as a mild sedative. Other than that your dog may also have an excessively fast heart rate for example more than 180 beats per minute for a small dog. But mostly the reaction of the dogs is to be sleepy.

What precautions should I take if I decide to give ZzzQuil to my dog?

You should always consult your vet about whether you should give ZZZquil to your dog or not. You should also consult about the right dosage. After the dosage keeps your dog away from high places, stairs or any place where your dog might fall as after dosage your dog may become hyperactive or very sleepy, in both cases your dog’s senses would be affected.

How long does the ZzzQuil effect last?

Generally, most dogs get normal within 24 hours. After the dosage, most dogs would get very sleepy for about 12-24 hours, after which they’ll be back to normal.


You should avoid giving ZzzQuil to your dog by yourself. It is a drug that should be used only if directed by your vet. ZzzQuil is not dangerous for your dog as such. But in high quantities, it may cause many issues. People generally think of using it to make their dog sleep but it is not natural for your dog to sleep like that. Your dog has his sleep cycle, if your dog is having sleeping problems like insomnia get him checked rather than giving medicine yourself. Depending on your dog’s size and previous health records the dosage will vary. The general dosage for a healthy dog is around 1-2 mg per pound of your dog’s body weight. Keep your dog in a safe environment before giving the dosage, as the dosage will affect your dog’s sense so it is important for your dog to be in a safe environment.  Try to go for natural methods to treat your dog rather than using such medications. But if it’s an emergency then it can be a nice option. Always consult your vet before giving this to your dog as your vet will analyze your dog’s health and suggest accordingly.

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