Can I use Bengay on my dog?

What can you give a dog for sore muscles

What is Bengay and how does it work?

Bengay is a pain relief lotion for application on the skin. It is used to treat joints and muscle pain. It makes the patient feel first cool and then warm at applied area thus distracting from the feeling of aching.

The medicated topical analgesic preparation comes under various versions such as Bengay-original, Bengay-Muscle Pain / Ultra Strength, Bengay- Ice Extra Strength, Bengay- Muscle Pain / No Odor and Bengay- Arthritis Extra Strength that have different ingredients and strengths. Its main ingredients are salicylate, menthol and camphor which are also known as counter-irritants.

Can I use Bengay on my dog?

Bengay could be used to relieve your pet temporarily from minor pains and aches that might be caused by some strains, arthritis, bruises or simple backache.  Some variants of Bengay could prove to be too strong for your dear pet especially if it is of small breed. Salicylate as an active ingredient could cause skin burn. Before using the product you should seek professional help for accurate diagnosis and right prescription if the affected area has redness over it or if your pet suffers with chronic ache or with any serious pain.

What precautions should be taken while using Bengay?

The heat rub reduces the discomfort of your dog caused by pain. A concerned owner always takes precautions while using any medicated product. Here are some points where one should be mindful while using Bengay on their dog:

  • This medication should be used only as directed. You must read all directions on its package or seek advice from professional especially if you have small puppy or it is from any small breed.
  • It should not be applied for more than three to four times a day.
  • The product should be used externally. That is, it should not be applied on damaged skin or on wounds. Make sure to avoid its contact with mucous membrane or with eyes. And in case you get this cream on any sensitive areas, immediately flush it with plenty of water.
  • After application, make sure that you do not tightly bandage the affected area.
  • Do not allow your four legged friend lick at the applied area though most of the dogs do not find it appealing.
Is Bengay safe for dogs

When should I stop using Bengay?

If the symptoms does not subside or persists even after seven days or comes up again within a few days, you should consider again before applying it. One should stop using the product and speak to veterinarian if excessive skin irritation occurs.

Is Bengay (methyl salicylate) poisonous to dogs?

The possibility of poisoning increases when one starts using different brands containing certain ingredient. Moreover, the problem may arise when dog licks the applied gel. If ingestion of the cream is prevented, it is unlike that your pet will have any bad reaction from the product. But, in case your darling dog has consumed a whole bunch, you should get professional assistance without any delay. Bengay if applied in reasonable amount will not harm your dear pet if it is a full-grown adult dog. It’s too much use may adversely affect your pet like it may suffer liver damage or something like that though rarely does it happen.

To go over the main points, apply Bengay to your dear canine to give them relief if it suffers from backache, minor arthritis pain or joint and muscle pain. The product can be used on skin only and should not be applied near the mouth, nose, eyes or genitals. A conservative amount of the product may be applied on your canine’s body. But be attentive while using other products with same compositions. Never let your pet consume or lick this medication to avoid toxicity. Enjoy the pleasure company of your companion while managing its pain wisely!

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