Can puppies eat Takis?

can dogs eat Takis

Is it bad for dogs to eat takis?

We all like to consume delicious food and we want our canine friends to share some of the pleasure we get from eating spicy food. This brings us to the question can dogs eat Takis? Well, the answer is, it would be highly harmful and toxic for our little pooches to eat this type of food owing to the content of the dish, many of the ingredients are highly injurious to the health of canines. It is toxic and creates several health issues. If you serve your dog Takis on regular basis then your dog may suffer from long-term health issues. Therefore, we will recommend you to not take any risk which will serve no good to you and your dog.

What is Takis?

Takis are a brand of corn chips marketed by the Mexican food company Barcel. It comes in an array of flavors but what makes Takis different from other chips is the intense spiciness and heat in the taste. Takis are usually eaten as a snack. This brand of chips has been around since the early 2000s and has enjoyed consistent popularity through its stint in the market. Though there have been controversies surrounding them as some studies claimed the consumption of Takis can lead to stomach ulcers and colon cancer in some people. These rumors were later disproved by other sources. 

What are the ingredients in Takis? Can the ingredients harm your dog?

The process of making Takis involves Corn masa flavor which is processed with lime, oil (palm/ soybean/ canola/ rice bran oil), salt, sugar, hydrolyzed soy protein, onion powder, yeast extract, artificial color as a seasoning, some natural and artificial flavors, baking soda, chili pepper (chile), anti-oxidant (TBHQ). Takis contains ingredients that are bad for dogs to consume. It contains onion and garlic content which is toxic for dogs to consume and can create health complications.

What are the effects of Takis on dogs?

Takis contains a high amount of spices; this can damage the digestive tract of most dogs. If not all, it can cause inflammation or even serious harm to the dog’s stomach and intestinal lining. Inflammation of the pancreas is also possible which can prove to be fatal. The presence of various chemical ingredients and things like onions are highly toxic for dogs. The ingredients present in Takis can be allergic to some dogs and needs to be kept away from its reach.

My dog ate takins, Now what
My dog ate takins, Now what?

What if my dog has eaten Takis accidentally?

If your dog has accidentally eaten Takis do not panic and keep a calm mind. Panic never helps in such situations. The best thing to do is to rush to the veterinarian as soon as possible. The vet will analyze the situation and may give your dog vomit-inducing medication which will remove the harmful food from your dog’s digestive tract. Most probably your dog will be fine after this. Anti-inflammatory drugs might also be given to the dog by the vet if some damage has occurred. It’s best to keep foods that are toxic for your dog out of reach because dogs are like children and can accidentally eat stuff harmful to them.


Let us put it simply, Takis can be FATAL for your dog to eat and it’s best to not feed them not only Takis but all such spicy food items. Before feeding any food item to your dog, make sure that you’ve checked all the ingredients thoroughly. Dogs cannot always choose what’s best for them to eat, which gives us more responsibility to make sure we don’t serve them toxic food which can result in various health issues. Apart from that your dog probably not even enjoys these as they have not even a quarter of the number of taste buds humans have.

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