Can I Give My Dog Celery?

Can Dogs Eat Celery?

Wondering why your beloved pet is always so excited during family mealtime and not so much about his bowl of doggie food? And when they look up at you with that imploring look at the dinner table for something as innocuous as a celery stick does it make you think if it’s safe for your furry friend?

Well you are not wrong about your concerns because barring a few, most human food items including fruits and vegetables that are good for us are not really suitable or healthy for dogs. So does celery fall in the good food or the bad food list for dogs?

Yes You Can Treat Your Dog To Celery!

Yes celery is on the good food list for dogs albeit in small portions. So if your pet has a strange fondness for celery you will be happy to know that you can feed it to your dog as a tasty treat.

Can I Give My Dog Celery?

Unlike vegetables like garlic, onions and avocados and many more human food items which are toxic for dogs, giving your dog celery is completely safe.   But now that we have cleared the air around the safety of feeding celery to dogs it is very important to remember that moderation is the key.

How Much Celery Is Okay For Dogs?

As long as you treat your dog to a few bite sized pieces of celery occasionally there is no need to worry. In fact giving your furry friend a few bits of celery every once in a while to snack on can actually be beneficial for their health!

So how much quantity of celery is okay? The answer to that question is less than five percent of your dogs daily diet which would generally mean a couple of bite sized pieces and that too occasionally. So even though celery falls in the safe veggie group for dogs overfeeding can nevertheless cause digestive issues like diarrhea and abnormal urination.

How To Serve Celery To Dogs

One of the best ways to feed your dogs celery, especially if they have a fondness for it is in the form of a doggie treat.

Start off by peeling away the stringy outer cover of celery which might otherwise interfere with your dog’s digestion if left on. Once you have cleaned the celery stick cut it up into small bite sized pieces and you are good to go. Remember never serve whole celery sticks to your pet dog as it might lead to choking or improper digestion.

Celery Benefits for Dogs

Yes that’s right! When given in small amounts, feeding celery to your dog can actually be a very healthy option as this vegetable is loaded with nutrients. Celery is rich in vitamins A, B and C as well as high amounts of calcium, potassium and iron all of which are great for your dog’s general health.

Moreover the various detoxifying properties of celery, helps in building your pets immunity which also includes fighting against inflammation and cancer.  

In Conclusion

Feeding your dog celery in the form of a tasty doggie treat is completely safe. But like all vegetables which are healthy for dogs such as carrots and cucumbers, celery too should be offered in small quantities and bite sized pieces. On the whole celery is loaded with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants which make them a very healthy snack food alternative for dogs.

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