Chocolate – White, Milk, Dark – Is bad for Dogs?

Can a dog eat chocolate and live

Can I give my dog Chocolate?

We often hear that feeding chocolate is harmful to the dog. It is a fact and not an urban myth. Please get a detailed knowledge from this article if you are willing to feed your dog chocolate.

Chocolate consumption can be deadly for dogs. Unfortunately, many dogs passed away after consuming this delicious sweet treat. Be aware of not feeding chocolate to your dog no matter whatever happens.

If you even feed your dog a small fragment of chocolate, it can also be dangerous for your dog, so never give your dog chocolate. There are many dishes prepared from chocolate, so avoid or rather stop feeding these food products to your dog.

Is it safe to give my dog chocolate?

No, you should never give chocolate to your dog. Your dog should neither be given chocolate as a treat or even a small bite.

Pure chocolate is made from cocoa beans, which is very harmful to your dog, it can even be risky for the life of your dog. Any chocolate eaten by your dog can cause him death. You should be aware of the reactions and effects of chocolate if it is consumed by your dog in case you have chocolate in your house every time.

It always tends to accidents which involve dog and chocolate, so please be aware and alert all the time.

What are the different types of chocolates which harm Dogs?

There are numerous varieties of chocolates with various levels of ingredients which are harmful to your dog. It is better to avoid feeding your dog any types of chocolates, but cocoa and dark chocolate is the most dangerous type of chocolate for your dog.

It is true that milk, chocolate or even nutrela (soybean granules) contains the high amount of protein but chocolate as ingredient in anything can be harmful to your dog. So just be cautious if you are feeding your dog with chocolate ice cream.

What do I do if my dog eats white, milk or dark chocolate

What are the complications, if my Dog has eaten chocolate?

If your dog has eaten chocolate by any chance, then your dog’s health will decline for sure.

The chocolate comprises of caffeine which is very harmful to your dog’s digestive system.

Once dog’s digestive system is out of control, then it becomes a prey to many diseases. If your dog has eaten a lot of chocolate, then the diseases are incurable because of the presence of a substance called Theobromine. Even your dogs respiratory and circulatory systems can be affected severely if your dog consumes chocolate. There can be adverse effects of chocolate consumption as it may start with upset stomach to ultimately death if proper care is not taken.

What is the Theobromine toxicity?

Theobromine is a substance which reacts with chocolate and severely affects the digestive system of your dog. If by chance your dog has taken a piece of chocolate, it’s better to be alert and not let your dog eat it. If by any chance he eats it then your dog will react in weird manner. You might see some of the symptoms like diarrhea, panting, feeling very thirsty, seizures and sudden bursts of energy.

Your dog may vomit the chocolate, and this will save him from the harmful effects of the chocolate. You can give your dog hydrogen peroxide to avoid the adverse effects.

Should I refer to a vet if my Dog has eaten chocolate?

Yes, you should immediately consult a vet to avoid the adverse effects of consumption of chocolates by your dog. The chocolate toxicity prevails till 72 hours and the initial period is very crucial for your dog. So by consulting a vet as early as possible, there are more chances of recovery of your dog.

Effectiveness of chocolate on Dog’s health

If your dog consumes chocolate in any form (solid or powdered) or type (dark, white or milk), it will be dangerous for your dog’s health; it may even be a reason for their untimely death. Theobromine, the substance present in chocolate cannot be digested easily by your dog which may have deadly effects on your dog. So just stop giving your dog chocolate off limits.

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