My dog loves coffee. Is coffee harmful to dogs?

Can dogs have caffeine

Can dogs eat caffeine?

Many human beings have a habit of having coffee in the morning, but it is not a healthy drink for dogs. You need to worry if your dog has even consumed a little amount of this beverage.

Please keep in mind that dogs and coffee can never go hand in hand. In fact, all the different types of caffeinated beverages should be strictly avoided for animals.

Can I feed caffeine to my Dog?

No, it is a terrible idea to feed caffeine to your dogs, so if you were earlier feeding your dog any caffeinated beverages, it is highly advised to stop it immediately.

Your dog might have diarrhea, vomiting or breathing problems after drinking coffee. There can be adverse effects of consuming coffee as; your dog might have significant problems in the nervous system. So be conscious and limit off coffee from dogs. If by any chance your dog has drunk some coffee, then have an eye on your dog. There are instances where dogs were fine after consuming coffee, so please don’t worry unnecessarily.

my dog ate coffee powder
My dog just ate some roasted coffee beans.

Why is caffeine consumption harmful to Dogs?

Caffeine consumption can be very detrimental to dogs because it contains some particles of cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines. Coffee can activate the brain functions. The reason of feeling an increase in the pulse rate in your body is consumption of a few cups of coffee.

Your dog is not aware which food is right or wrong for it; your dog fully depends on its owner. Any food which has caffeine in it should be strictly avoided to prevent your dog from falling ill. There are few food items which contain caffeine for example – tea, coffee, energy drinks and chocolate.

A fatal dose of caffeine for dogs is mostly 140 mg per kilogram of its weight. Meat also contains caffeine, but as its concentrations are low, so you can freely feed meat to your dog.

If you notice your dog is suffering due to consumption of caffeine, then immediately visit the Veterinary surgeon.

What is the diagnosis process if my dog had caffeine?

If your dog had caffeine, then you have to take your dog to the veterinarian immediately. The vet will ask a few questions as- when your dog had caffeine, and estimated time of intake of caffeine by your dog, etc. These answers will help the vet to medicate your dog better. If your dog has consumed a large quantity of caffeine then the vet may take blood or urine tests. The vet may also diagnose your dog’s stomach fluid and plasma to treat your dog efficiently.

What are the treatment procedures for curing my dog if it has consumed caffeine?

The following are the treatment methods which help in curing your dog if it has consumed caffeine:-

  1. Gastrointestinal purification is done with the aid of gastric lavage, through this process the stomach content flushes out thoroughly.
  2. Your vet may give medicines which induce vomiting; this will be very effective in clearing your dog’s stomach.
  3. The vet will normalize the nervous system if it’s functioning is disturbed by the intake of the caffeine by your dog. There are few medications which are appropriate for this treatment – pentobarbital, phenothiazines, tranquilizers, and diazepam. Isoflurane is a type of anesthetic medicine which can be given to your dog to stabilize the central nervous system if the above medications are ineffective.

So Is coffee toxic to dogs?

Strictly avoid intakes of coffee or any caffeinated drinks by dogs. The best drink for your dog is to feed it with plenty of fresh drinking water. It might not sound good, but this is apt for dogs. Any sort and amount of intake of coffee and caffeine are harmful to dogs.

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