Oh Crap! My dog ate deer poop. Now what?

my dog ate deer poop and is throwing up
my dog ate deer poop and is throwing up

Is it harmful to a dog to eat poop?

Eating poop or stool (i.e. coprophagia) is a common natural behavior shown by canines (i.e. dogs, cats) at some stages in their life. Some dogs show this behavior when they don’t get proper food and feel hungry, while others do this because poop is more attractive and appealing for them. However, in this way dogs do not get any kind of nutrition. Eating your own poop is relatively safer and less harmful or in other words minimally toxic. Poop or stool contains mostly the intestinal bacteria that do not mean for the mouth and therefore not appropriate. However, dogs also eat poop from other animals like horse manure, deer poop, and goose droppings. Since stool from other animals can be contaminated with bacteria, viruses, and parasites, therefore, can cause major health issues in dogs.

Can dogs get sick from eating deer poop?

Eating other’ animal poop or stool can cause the spread of several kind of infectious and parasitic diseases to your dog. The biggest problem is fecal-oral transmission such as gastroenteritis, diarrhea, cholera, vomiting, hepatitis, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your dog away from eating other animals’ poop.

Does deer poop carry diseases?

Yes, deer poop or dropping in your garden or park can carry bacteria (harmful pathogenic E. coli), viruses, and parasites. Therefore, the consumption of deer dropping can cause serious gastroenteritis, hepatic, diarrhea, and dehydration in your dog. Apart from this, it has also been reported that eating deer poop can also cause chronic wasting disease (CWD) in dogs.

Can dogs get CWD from eating deer poop?

Yes, there are strong possibilities of getting CWD in dogs from eating deer poop. Before questioning why and how deer poop can cause CWD, we need to know what is CWD. Chronic Wasting Disease also known as CWD is a neurological disease that affects mostly deer, moose, and elk. The CWD is highly contagious and similar to mad cow disease. It causes deterioration of the brain of infected animals resulting in skinniness, abnormal behavior, loss of functions, and ultimately death. The CWD is supposed to be caused by misfolded infectious proteins known as prions. Laboratory studies have shown that prions excreted in the feces or droppings of infected animals remain infectious. Therefore, if your dog eat the droppings or poop from an infectious deer, the infectious prions will be entered from poop to the body of your pet and can infect your dog too.

Why does pineapple stop dogs from eating poop?

The reason behind feeding fresh pineapple to dogs is simply to make their poop bitter and unappetizing. The addition of pineapple in dog’s food alters their poop and makes it bitter and acidic in taste. Besides this, pineapple juice and stem contain a group of enzymes known as Bromelain. The presence of bromelain in pineapple makes dog poop taste bad.

What can you give a dog to stop them from eating poop?

Following are some common practices (tips and tricks) that you can use to stop your dog from eating poop

1.    Dogs eat poop when they stay hungry and don’t get a proper diet. Thus, it is recommended to give your dog small, balanced nutritious meals two to three times a day. 

2.    Sometimes dogs eat poop when they don’t get a higher quality nutritious food. Thus, it is recommended to give your dog higher quality nutritious food to stop or lessen this behavior.

3.    It has been noted that the addition of food supplements and other eatable things that can make stool taste terrible helps in reducing the coprophagic behavior of dogs. Some of the common food supplements that can make poop taste bitter are as follows:

Canned pumpkin

Fresh pineapple


Meat tenderizer

4.    In serious cases when stool eating behavior is compulsive, the use of medications such as Clomicalm is advised. However, it is recommended to call your vet before giving this medicine to your pet. Your vet will decide whether your dog requires the medicine or not.

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  1. Yikes! I need to be on the lookup more when I am walking my dog near the woods. We have a great neighborhood for walking but it’s surrounded by woods and there are many deer nearby. I hope my dog does not eat deep poop. I have definitely seen it on the ground before. Thanks for the heads up and for a great reminder that we should be on the lookout to make sure our dogs don’t eat the poop.

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