Should dogs eat frozen tater tots, baked or fried?

tater tots and dogs
tater tots and dogs

Can dogs eat tater tots?

Dogs are known to eat anything they came across and would even give you those puppy eyes just to convince you to feed them with any food that’s on your plate. But before you give in, always make sure to know first what’s best for their health. Tater tot for example is a famous snack in the US and most houses have them, stocked in their refrigerators waiting to be cooked. However, just because it’s delicious for humans doesn’t mean it has the same effect on canine pups. Well, it sure is tasty but might result in some health issues once fed to dogs. Thus, the best answer for this question is NO. Tater tot is not advisable to be consumed by dogs.

What are tater tots?

Tater tots were a trademark of American frozen food company and has now been used as a generic term after it has been offered commercially in stores. The name itself “tater” is short for potato hence this snack is simply a grated potato formed into tiny cylinders and is mostly served as a side dish. This snack is deep-fried so the nutritional value is very poor and should not be consumed regularly if you don’t want to attain some health issues.

Why are tater tots harmful to dogs?

Tater tots contain ingredients that can be toxic to pooch that is why it should not become part of your canine’s diet. The fat and sodium content are extremely high which could result to chronic heart diseases. Not to mention it is deep-fried so the large amount of oil consumed might just result to intestinal problems and may cause pancreas inflammation as well. 

Always note that not all human foods are good for pups especially tater tots. Therefore, it is best advised that you should avoid feeding your dogs with this snack as much as possible in order to prevent complications.

baked tater tots for dogs
Is baked tater tots healthy for dogs than fried tater tots?

Can I serve tater tots as treats to my puppies once in a while?

Making tater tots as treats to dogs is a big NO. First and foremost, the nutritional content of tater tots is awfully low. You do not want your dogs to obtain complications, right? So never try giving this to your pooch otherwise your dog will face some health issues later on. Fact is, tater tot isn’t good for humans as well if consumed regularly. This unhealthy, greasy, and fatty snack will just give your dogs chronic illnesses such as heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, and worse, death. That is why it is relevant that you must first think deeply before giving in to those puppy eyes. 

What are the effects of tater tots on dogs?

The ingredients in making tater tots are the main reason why it is bad for canine’s health. The potato itself has been recently declared by the FDA as one of the reasons why dogs get fatal heart conditions. It causes decreased cardiac function and heart enlargement disease known as Dilated Cardiomyopathy or DCM. Other ingredients such as oil, salt, flour, and seasonings are also very harmful to dogs. The high sodium content is very toxic as it can raise the cholesterol level in a dog’s body. The flour however isn’t really that harmful to dogs. But since the method of cooking is deep-fry, its role in Tater tots makes it now toxic for dog consumption. Although seasonings, without doubt, can improve the quality of Tater tots, many recipes relatively use onions and garlic as spices and both these components are immensely toxic to dogs which could lead to hemolytic anemia once ingested. Therefore, it really isn’t safe to say that Tater tots are good for canines to digest.

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