Should my dog eat red cabbage – Blaukraut?

Will cooked cabbage hurt my dog
Will cooked cabbage hurt my dog?

Can my dog eat raw or cooked red cabbage?

Yes, you can serve red cabbage to your dog. In fact, this type is more nutritious than green cabbage. It holds 9 to 10 times more vitamins and nutrition than green, white cabbage. You can serve red cabbage in any form you like, i.e., either cooked or raw. There are vegetables which both humans and dogs can eat and cabbage is one of them. You and your dog both can enjoy this variety of vegetables, not only red but all the types of cabbages (green, white, or red) are nutritious and safe for dogs to eat. If you choose to cook red cabbage and serve it to your dog, make sure that you do not add any toxic ingredient which can prove to be harmful to your dog. You can sometimes replace this healthy snack in the place of those unhealthy treats your dog loves. It has a good taste and therefore, a dog enjoys eating red cabbage. By including red cabbage or other nutritious and healthy vegetables in your dog’s diet you can make him healthy, which will lead to a long and healthy lifespan.

Is red cabbage toxic to dogs?

No, red cabbage is not toxic to dogs. In fact, all varieties of cabbages are safe for dogs to eat. But make sure that you give cooked red cabbage to your dog as raw cabbage contains a compound that is harmful to your dog if consumed in large amounts.

Red cabbage holds more benefits than other varieties of cabbage.

What is the nutritional content of red cabbage?

It contains vitamin D, K, B6, and is rich in vitamin C. Red cabbage is one of the cruciferous vegetables which contains I3C i.e., Indole-3-carbinol, this is a phytochemical which is naturally present in all types of cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. This compound is considered to be an anti-cancer agent and reduces the multiplication of cancer cells by 70 to 80%. It also contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, protein, dietary fiber, sugar, and iron.

What are the benefits of serving red cabbage to a dog?

As mentioned above, it is very nutritious, other than that red cabbage contains cancer-fighting components which reduce the risk of getting cancer. It also contains antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and cures/ recovers from the damage caused by these radicals. It contains anti-inflammatory properties better than other varieties of cabbage. It contains various vitamins like B and K. Vitamin B is responsible for the overall health of a dog and vitamin K reduces blood clotting, vitamin B6 improves the immune response in a dog. It also improves the metabolic system in both dogs and humans.

How to serve red cabbage to my dog?

You can serve raw or cooked or boiled red cabbage to your dog. Make sure that if you are giving raw cabbage to your dog it is of small quantity as it contains a compound known as thiocyanate, which when consumed in large amounts can cause hypothyroidism.

Although raw red cabbage can be crispy, but again, it cannot be served in large quantities on a daily basis.

For cooking, you can use fish oil, castor oil, flaxseed oil, or any other oil which are good for dogs to consume. You can also prepare a vegetable salad by adding more healthy vegetables like carrot, broccoli, green beans, etc. to it.

For preparing the salad you can boil all the vegetables for 10 to 15 minutes in normal water and then remove the remaining water. Let it cool down a little before serving so that it doesn’t burn the dog’s tongue or mouth. you can also add a negligible amount of salt to it.

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