What kind of bones are safe for dogs to chew or eat?

Large dog large bones
Large dog large bones

Is there a safe chew bone for dogs?

Raw bones which are larger than the muzzle of dogs are safe for dogs. The dogs should be given thicker and bigger bones so that they do not swallow it whole by any chance and which may get stuck in their throat. The larger breed dogs like German shepherd dogs can be given large size beef, cow or lamb bones as they are considered the hardest bones. Some veterinarians advise giving uncooked wings and necks of chicken also but always give such bones to your pets under supervision.

What are the benefits of giving bones to my dog?

Bones are a rich source of various nutrients and minerals for your dog and they love chewing bones. Chewing of bones helps dogs to produce saliva in their mouth which is extremely beneficial and produces alkaline enzymes which helps to neutralize the acid in their stomach and also helps in prevention of building plaque on their teeth.

One major benefit of giving bones to dogs is that while chewing they will forget to lick anything lying here and there which would prevent them from getting infection from surfaces or things because various types of viruses like the novel corona virus nowadays gets stuck on clothes, metal surfaces or anything for that matter.

How do I store bones for my dog?

Bones should be wrapped in a butter paper or plastic storage bag and stored in refrigerator. The same bone can be used for 3-4 days and after that you should discard it and get a fresh bone for your dear canine.

What kind of bones should not be given to my dog?

Are old bones bad for dogs
Are old bones bad for dogs?

The dogs should not be given cooked bones as bones become brittle during cooking and may disintegrate in the mouth of dog while chewing and may get stuck in teeth or throat.

Bones very small in size should not be given as the dogs may try to swallow it and may get choked.

Pork bones and turkey bones should not be given to dogs as they may splinter while chewing and may cause a health hazard.

When should I not give bone to my dog?

You should not give bones to your dog when they are having stomach problems like diarrhea or irritable bowel as it may increase their health issue.

What should I do if my dog eats wrong size bones by mistake?

If your dog eats a small bone and it gets stuck in its mouth or throat, first try to take the bone out of its mouth. If the bone is already in its throat, give your pet white bread or some similar food so that the bones goes down the gastro intestinal track with food and water. If the problem is severe call your vet immediately.

Symptoms when bone gets stuck in my pet

Symptoms when a bone gets stuck somewhere in the gastrointestinal track of your dog are blood in stool, constipation, vomiting, lethargy and bloating etc.

Are fish bones safe for my dogs?

No, fish bones are not safe for your dogs. Fish bones are thinner, smaller in size and brittle and may get stuck anywhere in the eating, digesting or excreta system of your dog. It may lead to seizures or even death if eaten by your dog unmonitored. So while treating your dog with a fish, always give them boneless fish.

To conclude, bones are a tasty treat for your dog and they love chewing or eating it. But small size bones must be totally avoided or given only under your strict supervision. Larger and thicker size of bones may only be served to your dog as a delicious treat so they may enjoy chewing it and it hence makes their day wonderful!

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