Are human eye drops safe for dogs?

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Can I use over the counter eye drops for my dog?

There are various eye drops available in the market for Human Eye. Some are fine for dogs while others can even make them blind. Generally, human eye drops are not suitable for dogs. You should not use human eye drops for your dog without consulting a dog specialist first.

What are the consequences of wrong human eye drops for my dog?

You should always consult your dog’s vet before putting any eye drop in your dog’s eyes. If you’re using the wrong eye drops then it could cause damage, significant pain, and blindness of your dog’s eye.

How to apply eye drops to your K9s?

There are various techniques to apply eye drops to your k9s. It depends on your k9s nature, some may respond to positive treats and be calm while you put the drop while some may be trying to get out of your grip. But the basic thing to keep in mind is to have cotton handy and dab it rather than scratching your dog’s eye. Also, don’t touch the eye drop bottle or tip to the dog’s eye as the dog’s eye is sensitive.

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What are the possible eye diseases my dog can have?

The most common eye problems dog faces are Dry eye (keratoconjunctivitis sicca), Corneal damage, Glaucoma, Pinkeye (conjunctivitis), Cataracts, Eyelid mass, Entropion, and Cherry eye.

Is Clear Eyes suitable for K9s?

No, Clear Eyes is not suitable for K9s, they’re prescribed for humans for their eye problems. It is not at all suitable for dogs. There are many variations and various active and inactive ingredients in Clear Eyes, even if these are not toxic to your dog, it doesn’t make it suitable for your k9. It may even cause harm than good by making the eye problem worse or may even cause eye damage and blindness.

What should I do if I need some immediate solution for my dog’s eye problem?

Most of the time the immediate solution would be in case something gets in your dog’s eye or gunk develops. In such a situation you can use water to flush out anything that may have gotten into your dog’s eye. In case of gunk build-up, use water and wet your dog’s face including eyes. Then take a damp towel, the wetter the better. And take out the gunk by gently rubbing the towel of your dog’s eye, if the gunk is too sticky or hard to come off use more water and some extra force.


You should avoid using Human eye drops for your dog as much as possible. There are various human eye drops available in the market for different conditions. But those may or may not be good for your dog. So it’s better not to take chances and stay away from those human eye drops for use on your dog. Rather use the normal water in case it’s just gunk build-up, something got into your dog’s eye, or any other minor problem. Medicine like Clear Eyes isn’t toxic to your dog but it is not suitable for your dog either, so avoid giving Clear eyes to your dog. Rather consult your vet whenever such a situation arises, there are various common eye problems in k9s like Dry eye, Corneal damage, Glaucoma, Pink eye, Cataracts, Eyelid mass, or Cherry eye which require different treatment. Do not try over-the-counter human eye drops or even those which claim they’re dog friendly because every problem requires different treatment. Therefore visit your vet for consultation; your vet would judge the best giving your dog the suitable treatment.

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