is it safe to give a dog beer

Can I Give My Dog Beer

Are you surprised to see a whole article dedicated to the suitability of beer for dogs? Or are you amongst the scores of pet owners who actually wonder if they can give their pet some beer for whatever unique reason they might have!

But the fact is that whether you are here for a fun read or have a genuine query if you have a dog at home who can get access to a bottle of beer, then this article is a must read for you and for the sake of your doggie’s well being!

No Never Give Beer to Your Dog!


dog drinking beer

That’s right never give your dog any beer or any other kind of alcohol ever. This is because the body of dogs is just not geared towards handling any kind of alcohol.

Even if you have a relatively big dog at home and feel a sip or two can do no harm you are very much mistaken. So whether it is festive season or your dog might be curious about the beer you and your friends might be sipping on avoid giving your pet any beer at all costs!

The Toxic Effects of Beer on Dogs

Want to know exactly why alcoholic beverages like beer are bad for dogs? Then read the next section very very carefully.

Beer is dangerous to dogs in even in small quantities. The alcohol in beer can induce excessive vomiting which can lead to dehydration. If your dog has ingested beer and starts vomiting excessively just seek your vet’s advice for the correct way to rehydrate them. The alcohol in beer decreases the blood sugar content in a very drastic manner in dogs. Which is why some more serious consequences of giving beer to dogs include irreparable brain damage, liver heart and kidney failure? There have been cases where dogs have slipped into coma and even died due to the consumption of alcoholic beverages like beer.

What To Do If Your Dog Has Had Beer?

If you have given your dog some beer and realized a bit too late about the mistake just rush your pet to the vet as fast as possible. On the other hand if you suspect that your dog might have accidently had some beer on the sly look out for abnormal behavior in your pet by keeping him under observation for the next few hours. Symptoms like excessive barking or even biting as well as uncoordinated movements and disorientation, seizures and breathing trouble warrant an immediate visit to the vet. Getting a prompt and effective treatment for a dog who has consumed alcohol is very important as prolonged exposure can lead to permanent organ damage in your pet.

Now that you are aware of the very serious and poisonous effects of giving your pet beer just make sure that any kind of alcoholic beverage is completely out of their reach. And in case your pet has accidently consumed some beer just rush your dog the local pet care centre for treatment as prolonged exposure to alcohol can be very detrimental to the health of dogs.

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