can dogs eat cherries without seeds

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Eating cherries are not only delicious but healthy for us humans but does this fact apply to dogs as well? Like most people foods your pet doggie is sure to love the taste of cherries but is it okay to treat them to this fruit?

Well it is a good thing that you are wondering about the suitability of feeding cherries to your dog. Just like most fruits and vegetables you need to proceed with caution when it comes to giving your dogs cherries as well!

Yes Your Dog Can Eat Cherries!

Your dog can have cherries but that doesn’t mean that they can enjoy them like you and your family do! Just a piece of two of cherries is okay for dogs and that too only the fleshy part.

my dog ate a maraschino cherry pit

So offer this fruit to your doggie friend only if they are going bonkers over the box of cherries in your fridge and a few bits of the cherry flesh can calm them down. Otherwise there are much safer and easier to serve nutritious snacks out there like carrots and cucumbers which make for equally healthy and tasty treats for dogs!

How To Feed Cherries To Dogs

If you would like to treat your dog to some cherries then read this section very carefully! Only the flesh of the cherry fruit is okay for dogs. This means that before serving a cherry or two to your pet remove any leaves, stems and most importantly the stone of the cherry fruit properly. While ingesting the leaves and stems of the cherry fruit can cause digestive issues, the stone or the pit contains cyanide which can actually be poisonous for your dog.

The best way to serve a couple of cherries to your dog is to firstly remove the leaves and stems, followed by a thorough wash and finally remove the stone and only serve the cherry flesh. Commercially sourced cherries are laden with pesticides and chemicals which can be a health risk for dogs so it’s best to stick to organic cherries if you want to treat your pet to this fruit.

Few Words of Caution

Giving your dog a few bits of cherry flesh will cause no harm to them but overfeeding on this fruit can lead to serious stomach disorders. The digestive systems of dogs are built very differently from humans which is why we can never forget that our pets cannot have similar foods in the same quantities like we do!

And while it is okay to treat your dog to few tiny bits of cherry flesh once in a blue moon never ever give whole cherries to dogs. Firstly giving any kind of whole fruit or vegetable can lead to choking and even fatal blocks in your dog’s digestive system. Secondly the stone of the cherry fruit contains traces of cyanide which can affect your dog’s nervous system and cause serious health issues. If you suspect that your dog might have ingested whole cherries or its stone and shows any warning symptoms of breathing problems, excessive lethargy, redness in gums, loose stools or stomach cramps get in touch with your vet right away.

All in all cherries are not the best fruit to feed dogs if you are looking for healthy snack options for your pet. But treating your dog to the flesh of the cherry fruit on rare occasions will do no harm to them. Just remember to always remove the stems, leaves and specially the stone of the cherry fruit which can otherwise cause choking and serious health issues to your beloved pet!

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