Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs

Can I Give My Dog Coconut Oil

Is Coconut Oil Good for Dogs?

Coconut oil has become the holy grail of health foods since quiet some time now and rightly so. This humble oil packs in a whole lot of goodness and has wondrous healing properties. But if you are looking for its suitability for your pet then there is a high chance that you are already a devout fan of coconut oil and want to add your doggie to the club as well? Or maybe your dog consumed food which was cooked in coconut oil and it got you concerned.

Either ways whatever the reason might be which lead you to ask about coconut oil, reading this article will be helpful to you and your pet for sure!

Yes You can Give Coconut Oil To Your Pet!

That’s right you can give your dog coconut oil as it is good for them too! But before we start talking in detail about its many benefits for your pet, let us just get a very important aspect of feeding coconut oil to your dog straight away. Giving your pet some coconut oil is good for them as long as it is in the right dosage and frequency.

And while it goes without saying it is too crucial to leave out the part where we need to remind dog owners that the dietary requirements of dogs and humans are poles apart which include coconut oil of course!

Coconut Oil Is Actually Great for Doggie Health

Mention the word anti and coconut oil is completely synonymous with it and we will tell you exactly why! Coconut oil is full of antioxidants and has antibacterial and antiviral properties as well. So it’s a great supplement for dogs as they will get all the medicinal benefits of coconut oil in a completely natural way. And we almost forgot on more benefit– coconut oil has an anti-lethargic effect on dogs which means that the good fats in the oil helps in increasing brain function and keeps them agile and alert!

Not only will coconut oil benefit in improving your dog’s general health, it also helps in specifically protecting your pet against cancer and arthritis as well.

The Correct Dosage For Your Pet

Now that we have firmly established the many benefits of giving coconut oil to your dog it is time to talk about the most important aspect – how much is good for your pet. Well the answer is – a very small amount and to be exact – one teaspoon of coconut oil for very twenty pounds of your doggie’s body weight. That’s the general rule of thumb so if your dog weighs around forty pounds then you can give them two teaspoons of coconut oil every day. It’s also a good idea to divide the dosage into two parts over a day in order to ensure better absorption and better health benefits for your pet. And it is also a good way to check how your doggie is reacting to a new food item which is very important in order to rule out any coconut oil allergy.

So begin slowly and if all is well then go steady with the recommended dosage for coconut oil in order to harness the very best of health benefits for your beloved dog! One important note of caution though if you find that your dog is having loose stools or any other digestive issues after they have had coconut oil it is most probably because you are giving them too much of it! So make sure that you stick to the correct dosage of coconut oil for the sake of your pet’s health.

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