Aerius for Allergies

can dogs take aerius for allergies

Can I Give My Dog Aerius for Allergies?

Allergic reactions in dogs are very common and can be caused by a wide number of triggers which can be present indoors as well as outdoors. Some of the common symptoms of allergic reactions in dogs include excessive itching, licking and wheezing and all of them can be very distressing to our pets.

So it is no wonder that every time our beloved pets are down with an allergy we feel instantly alarmed and look for suitable medications to provide them with some relief. While the intention behind self medicating our pets is purely out of concern, its consequences can be very serious for them and sometimes even deadly. This is why we need to be very well informed and always seek the opinion of a vet before we reach out for a pill to treat our dog’s ailments at home.

Yes Dogs Can have Aerius But Under A Vet’s Approval Only

Your beloved doggie is suffering from an allergic reaction and you want to help them feel better at all costs. So you look into your medicine cabinet and find some Aerius pills or a bottle of Aerius syrup and are wondering if it would help your pooch get better. Well the answer to your query is yes, you can give your dog some Aerius for their allergy but only after consulting the vet.

Aerius is an antihistamine which is used to relieve the symptoms of allergic reactions in humans but is also given to dogs in some cases. So while it can be given to canines to treat allergies it should be never administered without the prior approval of a vet.

Proper Diagnosis and Aerius Dosage For Allergy Treatment in Dogs

Just like any other pet related ailment, an allergy too requires the full inspection and checkup by a vet before a proper treatment can be undertaken on your dog. This is why pet owners are never advised to self medicate their dogs even if they are suffering from mild medical conditions like an allergy or a flu as some human medications can prove downright dangerous to dogs.

Therefore, while Aerius can be given to dogs for treating allergic symptoms you need to get your pet thoroughly checked by the vet in order to ascertain that it is the best medication for their ailment. Another very important aspect of taking a vet’s prior approval before giving Aerius to your dog for treating allergy symptoms is the dosage which can be properly determined only and only by a vet.  Also if your pet is suffering from any liver ailments, is pregnant or lactating or under any other medication your vet might make certain changes to the dosage or prescribe some other anti-histamine like Benadryl or Clemastine instead of Aerius.

To sum it up, if your dog is suffering from an allergic reaction take them to a vet for a thorough check up and proper treatment as soon as possible. While Aerius is given to dogs to treat allergy it is very important to seek the approval of the vet before going ahead with the medication for your pet. The vet would be the best guide to diagnose your pet’s allergy properly as well as ascertain the right medicine and dosage amount to ensure the safe and speedy recovery of your beloved dog!

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