Can dog get sore muscles?

Signs and symptoms of a dog with sore muscles

Do dogs feel sore?

Yes, dogs too get sore muscles like human beings. Dogs are affectionate, loyal and faithful companion of their owner and territory. They always try to make their masters happy therefore sometimes they over extend themselves, resulting in sore muscles.

Most of dogs are active. They have muscles like ours and their muscles also work in the same way like ours do. With the growing popularity of dog parks and doggie day care, it is very common to see canines racing around, playing fetch and going for long walks. High athletic activities if done in right amount are healthy. But just like people, dogs can over do it.

Intense exercise at one go or after a long gap or even just indulging in more exercise than their usual routine, chasing ball for extended time are some of the common reasons when they will probably have sore muscles. Exercising on cement surface or any other hard surface is not good for pet’s muscles health.

How do I know if my dog has sore muscles?

As a loving owner, it is always heart breaking to see your caring dog in misery of physical discomfort and experiencing pain. Though your four-legged dear family member may not be able to verbalize its pain but it can be easily identified that something might not be right.

Dog’s behavior

It is essential to notice the adjustment in canine’s conduct to find out if it has sore muscles. The signs of soreness are same as we people show. After a day of powerful running, hiking or swimming, you may possibly see the signs of soreness like slower movement, more stretching and stiffness. Even wincing may give you hint that your adorable pup is suffering with some sort of pain. The more you grow to understand your canine, the more it becomes easy to know if something is adverse with the pet’s well being.

Swollen body region

Sometimes, there is swollen area on dog’s body that may also appear discolored. Gnawing again and again on one part of the body or excessive licking are clear indication that something is wrong with your dear canine.

Tail language

Dogs communicate by tail language. Sometimes dogs tuck their tail under their body. It is an apparent signal towards pet’s adverse well being. A happy, healthy and carefree pet usually walk around with its tail sticking up into the air.

What can you give a dog for sore muscles?

natural pain remedies for dogs
Home Remedies For Your Dog’s Stiff & Aching Joints

To ease your dog’s pain due to sore muscles, there are several things you can do. Anti-inflammatory foods can be added to pet’s diet like turmeric and blueberries.


Turmeric is natural wonder ingredient with amazing properties. It helps reducing inflammation and increase mobility. But it is always better to give it with healthy fat sauce and black pepper to increase nutrient uptake and to make it easily absorbable by dog’s body.


Blueberries are another antioxidant that helps fight inflammation. It is tasty and good source of Vitamin C. During the states of disease, just like we people, canines can also be seen with decreased Vitamin C. 

Apart from diet, following things can be done:

  • Rest is important. Let him rest on a couch or on a soft bed.
  • You may try giving hot or cold pack depending on how long ago the problem had occurred.
  • Rubbing dog’s ears releases oxytocin which acts like a pain killer.
  • Medications that are specifically made for dogs are safer option to give to your pet. It is not good idea to give him something from your medicine stock.

Dogs are very enthusiastic and easily indulge in excessive play and exercise. To make sure that your dog won’t get sore, it is better to give it exercise in moderation and gradually build its muscles. You should decide when it is time to stop.

Thus most dogs experience sore muscles at some point during their life time due to excessive exercise or activity. Give your dear furry friend enough rest and diet full with antioxidant if it suffers from sore muscles. For your pet’s good health of muscles, make your dog play or exercise only on grass or other soft material and enjoy the play time with your favorite companion!

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