Can dogs eat after a stroke?

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Should I feed my dog after a stroke?

Yes! A dog can eat food rich in fatty acids and highly rich in Omega 3, but only if the vet recommends. The most commonly liquids are recommended especially water should be provided periodically so that the dog remains hydrated, as after a stroke the dog might be in a need of extra water which will help it relax. But sometimes the dogs become resistant to eat after a stroke. In such cases the vet needs to be considered.

How many types of strokes can be seen in dogs?

Two types can be seen in the dogs: ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke, in the first type (Ischemic stroke) the tumor cells, blood cells, thick blood platelets, parasites and bacteria can block the blood to reach the blood vessels and also away from the brain. This type is more common than the other one.

The second type is Hemorrhagic, the blood vessels have a break-out, causing swelling and bleeding, due to increased pressure in the brain.

Causes of stroke in dogs

  • Diabetes,
  • Hypertension,
  • kidney disease,
  • heart and bleeding disorders,
  • Hypothyroidism, etc.

The breeds like King Charles Spaniels have a high chance of having a possibility of heart disease and thus having a stroke is most likely common in them.

How can eating habits be monitored before and after a stroke in a dog?

The dog’s behavior should be given a proper consideration as through this we can know if there is a possibility of a stroke or if the dog’s condition is worsening after the stroke.

A dog’s unwillingness to eat or swallow anything, nausea, dizziness, or untimely and frequent vomit can be sign of warning indicating towards s stroke.

The dog may possibly loose appetite after having a stroke. It should be given food with a really strong and stinky smell as it might stimulate the taste and smell senses of the dog. If this does not work, some prescribed medicines can be given to the dog such as anabolic steroids, corticosteroids, etc. If these medicines also have no impact, the dog should be fed on a feeding tube until the senses begin to work normally.

What should be fed to the dog after a stroke?

Dogs can have unquenchable thirst after getting an acute stroke. The dog should be fed with water at the first, but only till a certain limit as at that time the dog can drink water continuously which is to be stopped. The vet also might have provided with certain fluids, which can be used effectively instead of water.

Intake of the anti-oxidants in the dogs should also be improvised, like Vitamin E, C, BHT, Citric Acids, BHA, etc. These anti-oxidants are extremely essential for the minimization of the oxidation, which can probably have negative side effects, leading to further chances of a stroke. Also, wild herbs like rosemary (freshly picked) can be included in the dog’s regular meal, which can possibly help to multiply the intake of Anti-oxidants all by itself.

The dog’s diet should definitely be over rich in fatty acids, i.e., Omega-3, which is essential when the dog is on the stage of recovery, after the stroke. These fatty acids help in reducing the extra inflammation and also multiplying the flow of blood rich in oxygen to all parts of the body and brain. These acids are already present in the brain which helps in making a smooth connection between the parts of a dog’s brain.


Stroke in a dog can be an extreme sign of concern for an owner. The owner should provide continuous water and a comfortable sitting area for the dog both before and after a stroke. The dog should be given foods highly rich in fatty acids like Omega-3 and a doze of Anti-oxidants so that the brain and body can function properly and the blood supply into the brain remains constant. If the condition of the dog seems to worsen even after all this, immediate visit to the vet is required.

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