Can I feed my dog cooked duck?

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Can my dog eat cooked duck meat and bones?

Yes! A cooked duck is the best option for the dog, out of their daily routine food. Duck is a really expensive food, which can hardly be affordable as a daily food. But yes, definitely for a change, cooked duck can be included as a snack for the dog. It is necessary though, to ask to the vet who has been regularly seeing your dog, if the duck will be suitable for it, as some dogs gave high level of allergic reactions from meat and chicken, maybe the duck food can also cause allergy to it.

What are the nutritional and mineral values in a duck? 

Duck has multiple nutritional values that are essential for the proper growth and development of a dog. These include high number of Proteins which helps to develop the strength in the muscles; Iron which helps to regulate the body temperature and balance their digestive system; Vitamins such as B12 and B6 which helps in energizing the dog and effectively prevents fatigue, helps in promoting formation of new cells and healthy hormones.

What are the benefits of feeding cooked duck to a dog?

Cooked duck can be a very different food for the dogs that are basically prone to allergies and sensitivities from chicken or any kind of meat. Duck is very low in saturated fats and is a rich source of potassium and phosphorus. It has various vitamins which can act as a savior from cancer by increasing the metabolism, maintaining the glucose level, and most importantly the cardio-vascular health of the dog.

Selenium and zinc are also present in duck which can multiple the immunity of the dogs and also maintain the functioning of the thyroid glands.

Fatty acids Omega 3 is also an important ingredient which can improve the dog’s coat, fur and skin.

Even feeding duck to a dog can add flavor to the dog’s boring daily meals and can tickle their taste buds too.

How to cook a duck which is edible for a dog?

Is Duck easy to digest for dogs
Is Duck easy to digest for dogs?

The duck is to be cooked in a very simple and plain way. Adding spices and herbs to the duck may cause some allergic reaction or disturbance in their digestion as some ingredients do not suit the health of the dogs.

While the duck is roasted all the fat must be taken out of the duck as the high fat can be unhealthy for the dogs and excess of it may cause chances of the stroke and can also add on to “canine obesity”.

While serving the duck, the bones should be taken out by the owner himself/herself as there might be chances that the dog might swallow or gulp the bones while chewing on to it.

Providing the dog with the duck skin should be avoided as the skin of the duck contains a lot of fat and may also cause a little allergic reaction to the dog.

Finally, to keep in mind is that feeding too much duck to the dog can also be harmful for the dog as it might become a habit of the dog to have tasty meal everyday and the nutrients in the usual meal can be skipped, doing no good to the dog. Thus, the duck should be kept as a weekly treat for the dog.


Cooked duck can definitely be fed to the dog, especially to the dogs that are allergic to meat and chicken. The dog should be fed the duck occasionally and should not be made into a regular habit. The bones and the skin of the dog should be avoided to be given to the dog as they can be harmful to the health of your dear canine.

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