Can dogs eat Aioli garlic sauce?

is aioli bad for dogs
is aioli bad for dogs

Is garlic aioli sauce safe for dogs?

Aioli is a sauce that is generally found in northwest Mediterranean cuisine. It has a close resemblance to the typical mayonnaise but it has garlic as a star ingredient. Other than garlic it can also have salt and olive oil.

No, dogs cannot eat Aioli. Aioli can be harmful to your dog and shouldn’t be given for consumption. Aioli contains ingredients like salt, onion, garlic which are all toxic to dogs in some way or other. And it also doesn’t have good nutritional value for your dog even if it is given in small quantities.

Why is Aioli bad for my dog?

Aioli is bad for your dog because it isn’t nutritious for your dog and It has a lot of ingredients that are injurious for your dog’s health. For example garlic, onions, and in some cases different types of seasonings too. Garlic which is toxic to your dog and causes hemolytic anemia.The thiosulphate is present in foods like garlic and onion which is absorbed by dogs resulting in the damages of their red blood cells. Hence, the red blood cells are unable to carry enough oxygen throughout the body and cause various health issues like rapid breathing, increased heart rate, etc.

Other than that it also makes your dog gain weight resulting in obesity as it contains a lot of fat and is a processed food item. Aioli will just give empty calories to your dog which is of no use. Dogs with obesity can become weak, lazy, and experience the heart and joint problems which ultimately affect their life quality and expectancy. There is also a risk of additives and artificial ingredients in the Aioli which may not be fit for your dog.

Aioli also contains salt that can potentially lead to excessive urination, problems in kidneys, excessive thirst, seizures, etc. Other than that, even if your dog doesn’t suffer from any of such symptoms, Aioli doesn’t provide any health benefits to your dog.

My Bergamasco loves licking Aioli garlic sauce
My Bergamasco loves licking Aioli garlic sauce.

What are the symptoms my dog can have after eating Aioli?

Aioli contains garlic, which is toxic to dogs due to the presence of thiosulfate which can potentially lead to hemolytic anemia. The most common symptoms that may appear are rapid breathing and elevated heart rate, abdominal cramping, anemia, nausea lethargy, depression, pale mucous membranes, spleen and liver inflammation, diarrhea, drooling, anorexia, weakness, gastrointestinal upset, dehydration, jaundice, abdominal pain, pale gums, Red or brown dark colored urine, vomiting, loss of appetite and overall weakness in general.

Other ingredients like salt and oils can cause fluid accumulation, excessive urination, or thirst. In some cases, it can even cause seizures, tremors, injury to the kidneys, or coma.

What to do if my dog ate Aioli?

In case your dog ate Aioli you shouldn’t panic rather observe the situation. If it’s in small quantities, then don’t worry too much. Your dog wouldn’t have much adverse effect, his stomach would be able to digest that. While in moderate to high quantities, it can cause various side effects and symptoms which would be easy to notice. It would mostly be non-fatal for your dog, but you should get medical help for your dog as soon as possible.

How to prevent dogs from eating Aioli?

You should keep the Aioli away from the reach of your dog, someplace safe. Don’t keep it in a glass container that can be broken by your dogs or a plastic bag that can easily be torn. If you’re eating it with your food, try to eat away from your dog. You may even scold or give some light punishment if your dog tries to eat it.

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