Garlic for dogs

Can I Give My Dog Garlic powder or pills

In the age of super foods and wonder diets garlic has earned a well deserved name for sure! But while garlic offers lots of health benefits for us does this stand true for dogs too?

Well if you do some research on the topic of feeding garlic to dogs you will come across a huge amount of conflicting information. Which brings us to the crux of our inquiry – should we feed garlic to dogs and it is good for them?

Yes But Very Cautiously

So if you are wondering if it is okay to include garlic in your doggy’s diet the answer is yes but you have to be very careful about the amount. And we mean really very careful as garlic can be very toxic to your dog if given in large amounts. This might make you question the very act of giving garlic to dogs in the first place.

And this is where the whole garlic and dog debate gets interesting. When given within a healthy amount garlic is actually very beneficial for dogs. But if dogs consume garlic in excess it can lead to fatal health consequences!

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How Much Garlic Is Good For Dogs?

Now that you are aware of the contradictory effects of garlic on dogs it is entirely your choice whether to include it in your pet’s diet or not. But if you choose to go ahead and feed garlic to your pet you need to be very vigilant about the amount of garlic you are going to give them.

A general rule of thumb is to give dogs one medium clove of garlic for every twenty pounds of their weight. But that said it is best to seek your vet’s advice in order to help determine the exact amount.

Small Amounts of Garlic Can Be Very Beneficial For Dogs

If you are still wondering why one should go through all the trouble of feeding garlic to dogs the fact is that when given in small amounts garlic is actually extremely beneficial for dogs.

Garlic has very positive effects on the digestive system of dogs and keeps ticks and fleas completely at bay. Apart from boosting your pet’s immunity garlic has very strong detoxifying properties especially for the liver. It also protects dogs against cancer and various cardiovascular diseases and maintains blood cholesterols at healthy levels as well.

Overfeeding On Garlic Can Be Lethal for Dogs

In large amounts garlic can be very toxic for dogs. And by large amounts we mean even a couple of extra cloves can be lethal for your pet. So be very careful about feeding garlic to your dog and in case you suspect an overdose rush them to the vet right away. Some of the symptoms of garlic toxicity in dogs include diarrhea, loss of appetite, vomiting and nausea, difficulty in breathing as well as lethargy and weakness in limbs. We would like to add here that there are a lot of dog foods and treats available in the market which contains garlic in unsuitably high amounts. So make sure to read the labels and check the contents of your dog’s food very carefully in case they contain too much of garlic which can cause toxicity in your pet.

To summarize, you can give garlic to your dog but in very small amounts. While garlic can be very beneficial to dogs when given in the right dosage, it can be lethal and toxic to them in large amounts. So be very careful for the sake of your pet’s health!

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