Can dogs eat arugula?

Is arugula safe for dogs to eat?
Is arugula safe for dogs to eat?

Is baby arugula healthy and tasty for my dogs?

Yes, arugula is good and healthy choice for your dog unless you over feed him with this veggie. Just like we people, dogs too enjoy eating variety of food. Though dogs cannot be served with all human foods but there are some items including arugula which are harmless for a healthy dog.

How arugula is beneficial for dogs?

Arugula like any other green-leafy vegetable contains chlorophyll which attaches to toxins in body and then eliminates them from the system. This veggie with distinctive taste is high in cancer fighting agents. Arugula is low in sugar, fat and carbohydrates but rich in fiber and following vital nutrients.

  • Vitamin C: This powerful antioxidant is vital for your furry friend’s immune system as it is for humans. It is important for your dog as it aids in iron absorption and essential for tissue health.
  • Calcium: Arugula is full of calcium which is crucial for teeth and bones. Giving diet that contains calcium is also good for your pet’s nerve and muscle function.
  • Potassium: This mineral is as vital for dogs as for human beings for proper heart and nerve functioning.
  • Besides these, other minerals and micronutrients like vitamin-A, vitamin-B, vitamin-K, magnesium, phosphorus and foliate are present in arugula which are fundamental for your pup’s overall growth.

Moreover, arugula oil known as Taramira is also popular as cooking oil and even as the healing oil in some regions of poor rainfall.

When arugula should not be given to dogs?

One should not serve dog with arugula if it has some problem with thyroid function or if dog is having iodine deficiency. Like any other food, arugula too may cause some allergic reaction in some pets. So, to avoid any unforeseen problem, one should start serving their dog one or two bites and then observe for two days. If you notice any unusual sign, it may be possible that your dog is not able to tolerate this veggie.

How arugula should be given to dogs, cooked or raw?

Feeding your dog with cooked arugula is safer for your four-legged companion. Cooked arugula lessens its goitrogenic properties. Goitrones interfere with absorption of iodine and thus disturb the production of thyroid hormones which may eventually cause Goiter. So, try to avoid giving it in raw form. Also it does not make much difference whether you have chosen to give him baby arugula or full grown. Former one is just smaller and tender but contains the same vitamins and minerals as the latter one.  For variety, it may be cooked plain or added with some lean or chicken.

How do I know if my dog is liking arugula?

Animals do have a language that helps them to communicate their intentions and emotional state. Lot of information which they convey is through their facial expressions and body posture. With experience, a loving owner may easily recognize and understand these signs. If your pup is not fond of this peppery leafy vegetable, they will ignore the food or walk away. You may notice your pet exposing teeth or snarl to the food to give you an idea about its disgust. However, if he found it tasty, he may stare at you with upright ears to express its liking. He may even paw at you or bark for more. But one should not force pet to eat if he does not like it.

To summarize, arugula is safe for dogs if given in small amount. This delicious green veggie is nutrient dense as well as rich in fiber. However it is always recommended to pet owners to feed their dog arugula in cooked form to reduce its goitrogen compounds. Though, as with any alteration in diet, one should consult with veterinarian before adding arugula in dog’s diet.

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