Can dogs eat radicchio?

Can dogs eat radicchio
Can dogs eat radicchio

When your cute buddy gives his best dog eyes to you hoping to get some food from your plate then it is not easy to decline. Though dogs cannot be treated with all human foods, there are many items that are beneficial and safe for them. Radicchio is one of them if served as small portion as fresh food treats are always loaded with flavor and nutrition than processed ones.

Due to its wide use in Italian cuisine, radicchio is also known as Italian chicory. Easily grown in spring and autumn gardens this veggie has colorful leaves with white veins that form its head. There are various variety of radicchio which are named after Italian province where they originated like treviso, castelfranco and chioggia. It has a bit spicy and bitter taste. It is also useful as blood purifier.

How is radicchio beneficial for dogs?

Radicchio is safe for dogs to eat if given occasionally in small quantity. It is loaded with vitamin-K and is low in fat. Apart from that it contains many other nutrients such as vitamin-B, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, etc. which are essential for your canine’s health.  As a responsible owner, you should ensure that your pup is getting all nutrients from his every day diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be considered as a treat or supplement. However, human food items should not replace the dogs’ specialized diet.

How should I give radicchio to my canine?

This veggie can be given raw or cooked. While most of the vegetables can be chopped into small pieces and fed raw, it is always easier for your pup to digest if given as steamed, boiled or roasted. This also ensures the absorption of maximum nutrients without sacrificing basic taste. Like any other vegetable, radicchio should be washed thoroughly before chopping and serving to your pup. Frozen veggies are an easy way to serve your canine what it likes year-round without sacrificing a substantial amount of nutrients.

Do dogs like radicchio?

Due to its slightly bitter taste, it is not always the flavor of every dog. You may serve your dog radicchio as grilled or roasted to mellow its distinctive taste. Once you have decided to give your furry friend radicchio in cooked form, avoid adding any ingredient that may be harmful for him. However, it is always good to avoid giving your pup any canned veggie as they are filled with artificial colors, flavors and excess amount of sugar and salt.

What if my dog eats too much radicchio?

Too much of radicchio ingestion may cause your dear companion with excessive bloating and gas, may upset his stomach and even cause diarrhea. Without wasting time, you should look for help of a professional veterinarian. It is always recommended to take into consideration your pooch’s size, his specific dietary restrictions and requirements before incorporating any human food into its diet.

How to ensure that dog does not eat radicchio in large quantity?

One should know which fruits and veggies are safe to share with dogs as healthy snack. The best way is serving your pup only small amount and that too once in a while. If your pup ever shows any unusual signs after eating radicchio, immediately seek out advice from a qualified vet.

In short, first cultivated in Italy, radicchio gained popularity in many parts of the world. The steamed veggie is the best way for maximum nutrient absorption over its raw serving. Treating your dearest pet with radicchio helps to obtain all nutrients it needs. To avoid any possible digestive issue, always treat your pup with small size and don’t forget to consider its dietary restrictions, if any.

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