Can dogs eat coconut oil?

is coconut oil good for dogs with dry skin
is coconut oil good for dogs with dry skin

Can I put coconut oil in my dog’s food?

Yes, coconut oil can be used to cook your dog’s food but in a little amount. On average, you can use it twice a day with meals. Coconut oil can also be applied to your dog’s hair. Some naturopathic veterinarians believe that coconut oil has various types of qualities that result in aiding numerous canine conditions.

What are the benefits of coconut oil?

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory, fungal, and bacterial properties.

It contains

  • lauric acid which fights various viruses.
  • MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) help to improve the digestive system of a dog, some vets believe that it is very beneficial for older dogs as it improves mental stability/ function and brain energy.
  • Coconut oil reduces the probability of hairballs forming. Forming hairballs is a condition in dogs that affects the digestive system and causes vomiting, irritation, loss of appetite, coughing, etc. if already formed, it can be used to eliminate it, as coconut oil will help it to pass through the intestines easily and clear the blocked passage.
  • Coconut oil brings shine to a dog’s coat, making it healthy.
  • Improves the health of bones, metabolic functions, eyes, ears, and mouth if given in the purest form.
  • It can do wonders for overweight dogs or those who are trying to reduce weight.

Can coconut oil be applied to a dog’s hair?

Yes, you can apply coconut oil to your dog’s skin. It has numerous benefits. Some veterinarians believe that those dogs who are suffering from skin diseases can benefit from coconut oil. There has been no study that tested coconut oil on a dog’s skin but many vets and dog owners claim that it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which are good for the skin and it hydrates the skin when applied directly to the skin/ hair.

Can coconut oil be applied to my dog’s paws?

Yes, Coconut oil can be applied topically everywhere. You can apply it on your dog’s paws but make sure you do it at a time when it is resting otherwise it will leave paw marks everywhere it goes. Which can be difficult for you to clean later.

How to apply coconut oil to my dog’s skin?

You can directly apply it to the skin. It is advised to leave it for about 5-10 minutes before shampoo. Then you can rinse it off with mild shampoo. Make sure after bathing the coat does not remain oily, if it’s still oily you can go for a second round.

How much coconut oil to feed my dog?

If your dog is new to coconut oil, make sure you introduce it to your dog gradually. It is always better to consult its regular veterinarian for dosage-related queries.

How to choose the perfect coconut oil for my dog?

While buying coconut oil for your dog make sure that it is unrefined coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is the best option for your dog. You should also look for the process by which it is made to check the nutritional value it holds. There are a variety of coconut oils available in the market, varying from bold smell to mild and level of purity. You might have to explore a bit to come to a perfect brand for your dog.

Can a dog overdose on coconut oil?

Consuming too much coconut oil can cause issues for a dog. It can cause diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, headache, joint/ muscle pain, etc. Some dogs are sensitive to coconut oil and can suffer its side effects like the ones mentioned above. In addition, hives, chills, upset stomach, swollen glands, rashes, or other skin conditions too. Therefore, introduce the coconut oil in small amounts, gradually and notice any symptoms. Once you know your dog likes it, it will do wonders in improving its health.

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