Can dogs eat corn on cob or Canned corn or corn nuts?

Is corn toxic to dogs

Can a dog digest corn?

It is mostly advised not to feed corn or any dog food which have corn in it as it will dissolute the quality of that dog food.

Can I feed corn to my dog?

No, dogs should not be fed corn as it lacks in vitamins and minerals. Being a cheap ingredient,   consumption of corn also lowers the quality of the dog food.

Before feeding corn to your dog, get your pet checked by the vet to confirm whether consumption of corn will be harmful to your pet or not.

Mostly all the dog foods have corn as an ingredient so your dog might be eating corns already, without you being aware.

How Can I feed corn to my Dog?

You can feed your dog boiled corns kernels which are without butter and salt.

But try to feed your dog corn in lesser quantity otherwise if your dog consumes plenty of corn kernels then your dog will suffer from severe stomach aches.

can my dog eat canned corn
Can corn kill a dog?

Why is it unhealthy to feed corn to dogs?

It is unhealthy to feed corn to dogs because of the following reasons:-

  1. Digestive problems: It is found that dogs have difficulty in digesting corns.
  2. Low priced filler calories: Corn is a low priced filler calories ingredient which is used in the preparation of dog food by the manufacturers to cut down the cost of the food. Corn does not provide any nutrition or minerals which are beneficial for the dog’s physical development.
  3. Prone to allergies: Recently it is found that dogs are more likely to suffer from allergies which occur due to consumption of dog food which is prepared with chunk of corns in it.
  4. Fibreless but good for constipation issues: People who are in favor of feeding corn to their dogs claim that corn is a good supplement as corn is rich in fiber which helps to eradicate constipation problems in the dogs. But this thought is incorrect in itself because it is better to feed your dog fruits or vegetables rather than corn as the former is full of fiber compared to the latter.

If you are looking for a remedy for constipation then please remember that dogs require much time to digest the corn, so to curb the constipation problem it better to skip corn feeding to your furry pet.

My dog ate a corn cob

Dogs love to chew corn cobs. But it is unhealthy to feed corn cobs because there are chances that your dog will swallow the whole cob while chewing it and this will result in the intestinal blockage, and this is the most common reason of dog’s death across the globe.

So just dispose these corn cobs and keep in such a place which cannot be reached by your dog because if your pet finds it, your canine will surely gulp it in and this will create chaos.

If you notice that your dog has eaten the corn cob then immediately inform your vet to provide your lovely pet medications without any delay. If you take any risk, then it may cause the reason for the death of your dog.

What are the common signs that the dogs show when they suffer from intestinal obstruction?

The following are the common signs that the dogs show when they suffer from intestinal obstruction:-

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Fragileness
  4. Refuse to eat anything
  5. Constipation
  6. Immense weakness

So dogs should have corn?

Dogs shouldn’t have corn. Canine’s already intake high amount of corn from their dog food. If your furry pet consumes a small amount of corn, then it is not harmful to the dogs. It is advised to feed other high-quality grain to dogs rather than corn.

Can dogs eat tofu products?

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