Can dogs eat tofu? Is tofu safe for dogs?

Can i feed my dog Tofu

Can I Give Dogs Tofu?

As a dog owner, you must be very conscious about what you should offer your dog and what not. Your concern is real and natural. If you like tofu you must be wondering that your dog will also like it the way you like it. But the question here is: If tofu is really good for your dog?

Tofu is a protein-rich food item and also has vitamins in it which are beneficial for human beings. So it’s natural for you to think that it will be good for your dog too. But here I would say you are a bit wrong. Tofu is not at all good for a dog’s health.

The answer is BIG NO, tofu is not recommended for Dogs at all.

Tofu, a soft white substance made from mashed soya beans, used chiefly in Asian and vegetarian cooking. Tofu is not at all advisable for dogs. And actually it is harmful for dogs. While having tofu in front of your dog, which is just like your family member, you must have questioned yourself that is it good for dogs. But now you know that tofu is not at all recommended for dogs.  

Why tofu is harmful for dogs?

So as now you know that tofu is harmful for dogs, here is the answer to why it is so. The main ingredient of tofu is soy milk. And as to your knowledge, soy allergy is one of those which most of the dogs go through. It may be possible that your dog will not have soy allergy. But you never know. For even checking it, you will have to make your dog eat tofu.

Is it safe for dogs to eat tofu
Is it safe for dogs to eat tofu?

But the point here is that why you would even test it when you know that it may harm your dog, despite of you loving it so much. It will not be beneficial for it. It might not be dangerous for your dog to eat tofu in fewer amounts, but in large amounts, it may cause gastrointestinal distress and some other more serious health issues.

These days dog food companies are adding a high amount of tofu in their food which is very wrong. They should not do it as for their benefit and dog’s harm. Tofu is more economical than other protein food items that include meat. As you maybe knowing that meat based protein is said to be best for the dog, you should go with it.

My dog ate small piece of tofu

Well, yes a small piece of tofu can be given to dogs. You can occasionally treat it a tofu.  It may not be that harmful to them. It’s not the worst thing to give to a dog but avoid it to give on regular basis. It’s not good also. Despite the fact that it is now a days present in other dog food items, it’s not the things that a dog needs.

What to give in place of tofu?

In place of tofu, one can give its dog meat which is much more protein rich for dogs than tofu. If your dog really wants tofu when he looks at it, if it does find it that tempting, then you can also replace it with Fresh Cheese. Cheese is healthy for dogs and is calcium rich. And most importantly it also looks similar to tofu so your dog will be satisfied too. If it doesn’t look tempting to your dog then there is a good sign in that. You can provide it with eggs that are also rich in protein like meat and also cheaper than meat.

So now you know what you have to give to your dog next time when he looks at you except tofu.

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