Can dogs eat goldfish?

dog eating goldfish

Yes, Goldfish is edible and dogs can eat goldfish after it is cleaned thoroughly and cooked. The raw goldfish should not be given to dogs as it may contain worms and parasites like bacteria and viruses’ which need to be washed away completely.

Goldfish is basically a freshwater fish which is mainly kept in ponds and aquariums. There are over 200 breeds of goldfish recognized in the world. Fish is a source of rich nutrients and proteins required for the body of humans as well as pet dogs alike. Although goldfish is not a major food fish, it is still liked by many people and pets too.

History of Fish as a Food

There are 32,000 varieties of fish all over the world but only few varieties are commonly eaten as food. Total global consumption of fish was around 150 million tons in 2015.

What Fish varieties are liked by dogs?

All types fish are liked by dogs especially cod, salmon, tuna and hank. Though goldfish is seldom eaten or available for dogs it is also liked by them.

What happens if my dog eats a goldfish?

dog eating goldfish
My dog is eyeing on these two beautiful goldfishes.

Gold fish is not only healthy but a tasty treat for your dog if given in moderate quantities. Only deboned fish should be given to dogs. If dogs eat fish with bones their throat may get choked and can cause serious health issues.

If your dog eats goldfish in very small quantity there is no worry with respect to the health of your dog. Only if dog eats very large quantity of goldfish in your ignorance, it can vomit or the stomach of your dog may get upset. You need to contact your veterinarian immediately and tell them symptoms of your dear pooch.

What are health benefits of eating fish?

Fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids which help to prevent heart diseases and is a great immunity booster, it also contains proteins and fats. These nutrients are also helpful for maintaining the healthy skin of your dog.

Can dogs be given fish food?

There are several fish food brands available in the market which are non-toxic and may be a tasty treat for your dog. But they should not be given or given in very small quantity to your canines.

Puppies have more sensitive  stomach so fish food should be avoided to be given to puppies instead puppies should be fed dog food which is prepared from meat, animal byproducts like bones etc., cereals & grains and added minerals and vitamins.

My dog has eaten fish food, what should I do?

Just monitor your dog for few hours, if you notice some unusual behavior or symptoms like nausea, vomiting, lethargy, frequent urination or diarrhea you may call your vet. In case the pet has eaten a very small quantity there is no need to worry but if your dog has eaten a full packet or bowl full of fish food then it may be a matter of concern. This could result in food poisoning. Give your dog enough water so that side effects of excessive fish food may get washed away.

So boiled or cooked gold fish is not harmful for your dog and may be given once in a while. The fish food should be avoided to be given to dogs as it is especially meant to be eaten by fish and has different ingredients than a dog food.

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