Can dogs eat green guava?

Is Guava poisonous to dogs
Is Guava poisonous to dogs

Is green guava’s paste healthy for dogs?

Yes your dog can eat guava, it is non toxic to dogs and provides health benefits too. But as always it should be monitored and moderately given. In high amounts guava can cause problems like obesity and diabetes.

What is guava?

Guava is an oval or round shaped common tropical fruit. The pulp taste can be sweet or sour while the color can be white to deep pink. It is cultivated in many tropical and subtropical regions.

Benefits of guava for dogs

Guava leaf extract helps to improve blood sugar levels, decrease bad cholesterol (LDL), increase good cholesterol (HDL) and insulin resistance. It can also improve heart health due to the presence of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals like potassium. It also helps in boosting your immunity due to the presence of vitamin C in it. The dietary fiber in guava helps with bowel movement and prevents constipation. Being low in calories, it may be beneficial for those who want to lose weight.

Guava can be very beneficial for your dog if given in moderation. The vitamins A and K help to maintain a healthy metabolism, eye health, and bone health of your dog. Vitamin A also helps to develop better coats/ fur and helps in the regeneration of new blood cells. While Vitamin K, on the other hand, helps with the blood regulation and strengthening your dog’s bones. It is good for the immune system and helps in fighting free radicals that may cause aging due to presence of vitamin C. It also promotes bowel movements and prevents constipation due to presence of fibers.

can pugs eat guava
Can pugs eat guava?

How much guava is safe for dogs?

The dosage of guava would vary based on your dog’s health, age, and size. If you’re starting and just giving guava for the first time, it’s better to just give a small piece of guava to your dog. Observe if its behavior is normal and your dog isn’t having any issues. Then you can increase the dose to about 3 guava in a week on alternate days. Also consulting with your vet would be a good idea.

What part of guava can dogs eat?

Dogs can eat guava fruit, dried guava, ripe guava, guava skin, guava yogurt (only if it does not contain added sugar or sweetener), while they cannot eat seeds of guava, guava leaves and guava paste.

What varieties of guava can dogs eat?

Approximately all varieties like apple guava, pineapple guava, red guava, thai guava, strawberry guava, white guava are safe and edible to your dog. They may have a slight different tastes as well as a whole different color. You can test the taste and color with your dog’s preference.

What are some of the possible bad effects of guava for my dog?

The possible bad effects of guava includes mainly gastric problems like upset stomach, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea and weight gain and blood sugar fluctuation due to lots of sugar and carbohydrate content present in guava. But this only happens if guava is eaten by dogs in excess.

Guavas are pretty safe for your dog. They give many health benefits to your dog like healthy metabolism, eye sight, bones, etc. Although it also includes bad effects like digestive problems, blood sugar fluctuations etc. Those bad effects only occur if excess of guava is fed. But those situations are very uncommon. The parts like leaf and seeds are toxic to dogs therefore it should be avoided. You may also consult to your vet about it, which will help you to decide the dosage. All in all you can feed guava to your dog without any major concern. 

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