Can dogs eat jolly ranchers?

will a jolly rancher kill a dog

My dog ate a bag of jolly ranchers, Should I be worried?

Dogs can eat jolly ranchers but only in small quantities as large quantities can cause many problems in your dog. It is only true for the lollipops, gummies, gelatin desserts, jelly beans, and fruit chews made by the company. Other products in the lineup like gum, sodas etc should be avoided.

What is jolly rancher?

Jolly rancher is a sweet hard candy brand that originated in America. The jolly rancher company was founded by Bill and Dorothy Harmsen but currently, the manufacturing is done by The Hershey Company. It makes lollipops, gummies, sodas, gelatin desserts, jelly beans, gum, and fruit chews.

What is the nutritional content of jolly rancher?

Jolly ranchers are low in calorie density and high in sugar. Approximately 61% of the nutritional content is sugar. So it is not a “healthy” snack for a health-conscious person and you should also probably avoid it. Jolly Rancher is mostly made up of corn syrup, sugar (constituting about 61% of total) malic acid; mineral oil, natural flavor and artificial flavor; lecithin/ soy, artificial color ( like red 40; yellow 5; blue 1; yellow 6).

What is the safe quantity of jolly ranchers I can give to my dog?

The safe quantity is in the range of about less than 10 grams/ two teaspoons for a normal-sized dog. You can also visualize easily by the math that one jolly rancher is approximately 6 grams in weight. But if you have a smaller dog then you should further reduce the amount accordingly.

What if my dog ate a large number of jolly ranchers accidentally?

If your dog ate a large number of jolly ranchers accidentally then it may suffer from vomiting and diarrhea but if it’s too much then it may even lead to adverse problems. you should contact your nearest veterinarian or animal poison control as quickly as possible. The symptoms may or may not be immediate but it’s always good to get your checked immediately.

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How to keep my dog away from jolly ranchers?

To keep your dog away from jolly ranchers you should place them in somewhere secret, over the shelves or in lock and key where your dog can’t reach or any other place that’s out of reach for your dog. You should also educate your family members, especially small kids about not feeding too many jolly ranchers to your dog.

Should I give a jolly rancher as a treat to my dog everyday?

Whether you should give a jolly rancher to your dog or not is your preference. It contains a lot of sugars, has processed ingredients, isn’t organic, has artificial colors and various other non-healthy ingredients. Since sugar is generally avoided to be given to dogs it is better you avoid this product to be given to your dog. If your dog likes it then maybe occasionally you can give it a jolly rancher but make sure it’s less than 10 grams. There are various other healthier alternatives you may try those too.

We recommend not giving jolly ranchers to your dog as it contains a lot of sugars (about 61%), has processed ingredients, synthetic food dyes, isn’t organic certified, has artificial colors and various other non-healthy amounts of sodium, saturated fat and trans fat content. There are various natural alternatives like fruits which are far healthier than this. But if your dog likes then you may give small amounts of jolly ranchers to your dog because they aren’t very harmful in small quantities like less than 10 grams. Also, be cautious to not make it a habit for your dog.

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