Can dogs eat kalamata olives?

are kalamata olives bad for dogs
are kalamata olives bad for dogs

Is kalamata olives safe for dogs?

Yes, you can give kalamata olives to your dog. There are a nearly two thousand different variety of olives, kalamata olives are bitter than green and black olives. Well, no olives are safe for dogs to eat except green olives, black olives and kalamata olives. Canned and cooked olives contains ingredients that are not healthy for dogs, therefore in any circumstances, you should avoid giving olives to your dog.

What are kalamata olives?

Kalamata olive is a large olive which has its origin from Greece, it is dark purple in color with smooth, meaty texture. A natural, fresh olive has about 6.8% oil content on an average. It contains large amount of nutrients, carbohydrates and fats. Well these nutrients are unnecessary for dogs. Although they are very healthy for us to eat but it cannot be said same for the dogs. Kalamata olive was named after the village where it was originally grown i.e. Messenia and nearby Laconia.

What are the nutritional content in kalamata olives?

Kalamata olives contains high levels of vitamin A, E, K, antioxidants and healthy fats. Kalamata olives has more than 32mg of sodium. As the sodium/ salt intake of a dog per day is much lower than that of humans, it becomes less ideal for a dog to eat kalamata olives. It also has carbohydrates, protein and calcium.

Why is kalamata olives unhealthy for dogs?

The primary reason to say kalamata olives is not healthy is its bitter taste due to presence of high amount of sodium, for dogs sodium is unhealthy and can create various issues for e.g. it can dehydrate your dog and can cause blood pressure. Eating a fresh kalamata olive will not make him sick but, if your dog had a large amount of kalamata olive intake, then you should consult a veterinarian immediately. Even though kalamata olives has good amount of healthy nutrition, a dog’s body cannot digest it and they become useless for creating negligible positive effect on dogs. You should avoid giving kalamata olives, especially the ones which are processed and has added flavors and ingredients such as garlic and onion because these ingredients are toxic for dogs.

Can dogs eat kalamata olives in brine
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Are kalamata olives toxic for your dog?

No, kalamata olives do not contain anything which is toxic for dogs, but it becomes toxic when it is cooked with garlic and onion. These extra ingredients are very toxic for dogs and should not be allowed to eat in any form i.e. cooked or uncooked.

Are all kinds of olives unsafe for dogs?

No, all kinds of olives are not that unsafe to eat. If you want, you can give black, green, kalamata olives to your dog. But it needs to be fresh and properly washed before serving. Other than that, no olives can be consumed by a dog. Quantity concern should be a priority while considering to give olives to your dog. Do not give your dog any olives in brine.

What to do if my dog ate kalamata olive?

Eating in a little quantity should not be a concern for a dog parent, but if your dog ate in large quantity, you should consult a veterinarian immediately. If your dog has allergy you should pay attention towards noticing the symptoms.

What should I keep in mind before giving kalamata olive to my dog?

Make sure that it is a rare treat, but only if it is pitted variety. If not, you can simply try to remove the kalamata olive pit by yourself.

Can kalamata olives be taken in any other form?

Yes, if you can manage to use oil, it can be very beneficial for dogs. It can improve joint and brain health, prevent cardiovascular diseases etc.

Therefore, you can give your dog kalamata olive but as a rare treat and taking precautions like giving only fresh and properly washed olive to your dog.

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