Can dogs eat naan bread?

My dog ate four large pieces of Naan (indian flat bread)
My dog ate four large pieces of Naan (indian flat bread)

Can I feed my dog naan?

Yes, dogs can eat naan bread but only in small quantities. Naan bread is made of flour, water, yeast and salt mostly which can be harmful if consumed in large quantities. They may also have seasonings, garlic, chives, spices, lots of butter and oil which isn’t healthy for your dog.

Is naan bread harmful to dogs? What are the potential harmful effects of naan bread on my dog?

Naan bread can cause digestive issues in your dog like bloating, upset stomach, diarrhea, or vomiting if it has harmful seasonings, onion, garlic, chives, or any other harmful ingredient which may be toxic to your dog. Your dog can crave water and seek out the toilet which can be due to food bloat. If not cooked properly the yeast can cause the production of alcohol production or start rising in your dog’s stomach which is certainly bad for your dog’s health.

How often should I offer naan bread to my dog?

If your dog likes naan bread a lot then you may give small portions of naan bread occasionally like once in two weeks. But it’s better to avoid naan bread because it is not worth taking risk.

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What are the precautions to be taken if I decide to give naan bread to my dog?

If you decide to give naan bread to your dog, make sure that you give it in small pieces so that it’ll be easy for your dog to digest. The naan bread should be plain, varieties like garlic naan bread, cheeses or chives naan bread should be avoided. It should also be free from any seasonings and the salt content should also be looked upon according to your dog’s health. If you’ve never given naan bread to your dog before then you should start by testing it out, i.e. by giving little amounts to see if your dog is comfortable with it and isn’t having any symptoms.

What is naan bread made of?

Naan bread is made up of mostly flour, water and salt. But there are variations like garlic naan bread, cheese naan bread etc to make it tastier. It is usually coated with butter and can be eaten with any meat or some vegetarian options like paneer, potato etc.

What should I do if my dog ate large pieces of naan bread?

If your dog has eaten large pieces of naan bread and isn’t having any issues then you can be relieved as your dog is probably not having any issue with that. But be sure to take him for a checkup. And if your dog is having symptoms like thirst, urination, upset stomach or any unusual behavior then you should take your dog to the vet as soon as possible. If the vet option isn’t available then make your dog walk frequently every 2-4 hours and let your dog’s stomach rest for 12 hours. Just give some water during those 12 hours and later start the diet with bland food like chicken or boiled rice in small quantities.


Plain naan bread isn’t toxic or harmful for your dog in small quantities occasionally. But if given regularly it can cause various problems as your dog’s stomach isn’t suited for naan bread. You should take care that naan bread doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like garlic, excessive oils and cheese. It should also be free from any seasonings and salt content should ideally be less. There are various healthy food alternatives to naan bread for your dog. As much as you may enjoy naan bread, it can cause some complications for your dog; therefore it’s better to avoid it.

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