Can I feed my dog okra?

Will fried okra hurt dogs?
Will fried okra hurt dogs?

Is okra toxic for dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat okra. Okra is very safe for dogs, it has various health benefits to your dog too. It has high protein content which can help to fulfill the dog’s protein needs and the dietary fiber helps in lower serum cholesterol. Okra also contains vitamin C; Calcium, Folate and Potassium which overall helps maintain healthy skin and blood.

Can dogs eat raw or cooked okra?

You can give raw okra to your dog after thoroughly cleaning and washing it. Raw okra can act as a chew toy or treat for your dog, although it varies from dog to dog as some may not like the slimy thing inside okra. And cooked okra is also safe provided you didn’t add any harmful ingredients like onions, lots of spices, salt, vegetable oil or any other seasoning.

What type of okra is bad for dogs?

Generally, okra chips are made with spices and cooked in vegetable oils which aren’t good for your dog’s health. Your dog’s stomach wouldn’t be able to handle those spices and the oil will provide bad fats which may lead to obesity in the long term. It is not recommended to give okra leaves to your dog. Okra leaves often contain common pests like corn earworm, caterpillar, flea beetles, aphids, and green stink bugs. Even if yours are free of them, your dog may not like the taste of okra leaves so it’s better to leave them. Yes, dogs can eat tomatoes and okra but make sure that the tomatoes are ripe else it can be fatal for your dog because unripe tomatoes are toxic for your dog.

No, you shouldn’t be giving fried okra to your dog. Fried okra is made with lots of oil; these oils are bad for your dog’s health. They add bad fat, lots of calories, and very less amount of healthy nutrients to your dog’s diet which can lead to obesity, heart problems or digestive issues. No, dogs cannot eat pickled okra. Pickled okra involves harmful ingredients like onion, spices, garlic in its procedure of making it. These ingredients are harmful to your dog’s health; they can cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach disorder, dehydration, and various other issues. So it is good to avoid giving pickled okra to your dog.

is Okra toxic for Bernese Mountain Dog?
Is Okra toxic for Bernese Mountain Dog?

What are some of the precautions to take while giving okra to my dog?

If you’re introducing okra to your dog’s diet then you should test with a small quantity as dogs can also have okra allergies. The symptoms of okra allergies in dogs would be diarrhea along with skin issues and gastrointestinal problems which can lead to stomach pains. The amount should also be controlled else your dog can suffer from bloating, diarrhea, gas and other symptoms of gastrointestinal distress. 


Okra is very safe for your dog. It’ll not have any bad health effects if given in controlled amounts. Okra can be given in the raw form, but when given in cooked form, be sure to make it without harmful oils, a lot of spices like salt and any seasoning as those are bad for the dog’s health. If it’s your dog’s first time having okra then you may want to start slow with small quantities to test if your dog likes okra and is comfortable with it. If that isn’t the case then take your dog to your vet. Okra chips, pickled okra, fried okra and okra leaves should be avoided as they’re not good for your dog’s health and can lead to various health issues. Okra and tomatoes are pretty safe provided tomatoes are fully ripe because unripe tomatoes are toxic for dogs. All in all okra provides various health benefits to your dog like protein content, maintenance of blood and skin. It can become an occasional part of your dog’s diet. 

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