Can dogs eat Nutella?

my dog ate a jar of nutella
my dog ate a jar of nutella

My dog ate a jar of Nutella, now what?

Yes, dogs can eat Nutella but it is not usually recommended. Nutella contains cocoa as chocolate. Veterinarians suggest serving natural sugar only, in some cases, molasses can be a good option. As a caretaker, you must be concerned about the nutrients present in Nutella. Its chocolaty flavor can easily worry a dog parent but the ingredients present in Nutella are not as harmful as compared to other chocolate brands.

Is Nutella safe for a dog to eat?

If your dog ate Nutella by accident, it will not harm it but, you should not feed your dog Nutella on regular basis. Even though the ingredients present in it are not that harmful, they still have sugar and high-calorie content. For a diabetic and overweight dog, Nutella is a big NO.

What are the ingredients present in Nutella?

It contains sugar, hazelnut, cocoa, palm oil, vanillin, soya lecithin and skimmed milk. Palm oil is more than 50% and hazelnut 13%. It is not labeled as chocolate cream as it does not fulfill the required cocoa amount. For dogs less the cocoa more it is safe to consume. The concentration of its ingredients is different in different countries, depending upon their taste differences.

What makes Nutella bad for dogs?

Cocoa amount in any food item is bad for dogs to consume. Even a little consumption can be harmful to dogs. Nutella has cocoa in fewer amounts as compared to most of the chocolate products available in the market. Still, due presence of sugar and cocoa it becomes harmful for dogs if consumed daily or more frequently.

Any amount of chocolate and cocoa makes the food toxic for dogs as chocolate contains theobromine.

How do you know that a dog is sick due to Nutella?

You should always pay attention towards the dog’s health because they cannot speak and tell that they are not feeling well. It is very much likely that your dog will show symptoms that sometimes get hard to notice, but if you pay attention you will know.

Notice if your dog is feeling restless, anxious or its heart rate is increased. If yes, take him to see a veterinarian immediately.

Can a dog die from eating Nutella?
Can a dog die from eating Nutella?

Can Nutella kill a dog?

If your dog ate a little amount of Nutella and its health is good then you need not worry. As the ingredients present in Nutella will not harm the dog badly. If your dog is suffering from pancreatitis then you should consult a vet because Nutella contains a high amount of fats which can harm your dog.

Eating a little amount will not harm your dog, in case your dog is sensitive to food items it may suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, frequent urination, and restlessness.

If these symptoms are ignored then it can lead to cardiac problems, tremors and fits. In some cases, it can also lead to death. Your dog might seem fine after eating Nutella, but you need to be attentive to notice any symptoms because dogs can’t tell us if they are not feeling well.

Therefore, eating Nutella in a very small amount might not affect the health of a dog but in cases where the dog consumed a large amount of it, will get sick. Nutella does not contain a high concentration of ingredients present in it, which can harm the health of a dog, but you never know if your dog is sensitive and get in trouble. Most of the vets say that your dog can eat Nutella once in a while but we recommend you to not take risk with your dog’s life.

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