Can dogs eat persimmons?

Is it safe to eat the skin of a persimmon

Should dogs eat persimmons?

Yes, the dogs can eat persimmons as it is a natural edible fruit full of nutrients like vitamin A, B and C. It also contains several minerals, fiber and has lot of calories. This fruit can be eaten alone in between the meals or in combination with other berries.

Persimmon tree, also called Diospyros Kaki, typically grows to 4.5 meter to 18 meter in height and is round in shape at the top. The fruits of this tree are yellowish orange to red in color and are sweet in taste. The calyx, the green colored leafy part, remains attached to the fruit even after harvesting and is easily removable after being ripened. This fruit is native to Japan, China and Korea. China itself produces about two-thirds of the total production of persimmons in the world. The maximum size of this fruit is 9 cm in diameter and the smallest variety is 1.5 cm in diameter. The shape of this fruit is mostly pumpkin shaped or spherical.

How should I give persimmons to my dog?

Wash the persimmons thoroughly with water. You may peel off the flesh or outer skin of persimmons or cut the fruit with flesh also into small pieces. You may also take out the seeds and pit of this fruit if they are bigger in size which may otherwise get stuck in the intestines of your dog. This fruit can be given fresh, dried, cooked or raw to your dear canine. Persimmons should not be given empty stomach to your dog as it may cause acidity. It can be given in between two meals as a savory fruit treat.

What quantity of persimmons can I give my dog?

You may give around 100 to 150 gram of persimmons to dog in a single serving. Better is to cut the fruit in small pieces so that it does not get stuck in the throat of dog. Overeating of any food for dogs as well as humans is dangerous for general health of individual and pets alike.

What are the nutritional contents of Persimmons?

Persimmons has per 100 gram of its serving about 70 Kcal, approximately 18 gram carbohydrates and vitamins like Niacin and B6. It is a rich source of Potassium, Phosphorus, Manganese and Magnesium.

Are persimmons harmful for my dog?

will persimmons hurt dogs
Will persimmons hurt dogs?

If the persimmons are given in a large quantity they can be harmful for your dog. Your dog may suffer from indigestion or diarrhea in this case. Immediate attention of a vet is required subsequently.

Are seeds of persimmon fruit dangerous for my dog?

Yes, seeds of persimmon can cause blockages in the intestine of your dog. Before feeding it you need to check carefully that no seed is left behind in the fruit bowl you are serving to your dear buddy. Remove all the seeds from fruit cautiously otherwise the pet will eat seeds also as the dear innocent canine is unaware that it will cause it so much harm.

What are the symptoms if my dog has eaten too many persimmons?

The symptoms of a dog after eating too many persimmons can be abdominal pain, gas, bloating, lethargy, drowsiness and nausea. It may require treatment from a vet.

Thus, persimmons are a good treat of a berry like fruit to your dog. It will add nutrients in the diet of dog. It should be given in moderate quantities like all other fruits and dog food. Your dog may suffer from abdominal pain and other complications if this fruit is eaten in large quantities. The sweet taste of this fruit will mesmerize your four legged friend with its flavorful taste. So give a treat of persimmons to your furry friend today!

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