Can Dogs eat Pomegranate – Seeds, Arils?

Are pomegranate seeds safe for dogs

Are pomegranate seeds bad for dogs?

Pomegranate is a very healthy fruit. It consists of fiber, potassium, vitamin C, antioxidants and folic acid. It is also low in calories which would instigate you to share with your dog.

But it is advised not to feed pure pomegranate to your dog. There are numerous ways to feed this nutritious fruit to your lovely pet.

My dog ate pomegranate seeds. Will he be OK?

No, it is not a good idea to feed pomegranate to your dog, many dogs may fall sick after consuming pomegranate. Dogs tend to fall sick by consuming the pomegranate with seeds.

Every dog is different; there are chances that your dog may be fine after consuming a small quantity of pomegranate. Initially feed your dog a little amount of pomegranate and monitor its effect on your dog’s health.

If you want to try to feed this nutritious fruit to your best buddy, then you can offer your dog wild blueberry and pomegranate canine biscuits.

Can I treat my dog with pomegranate occasionally?

Yes, you can treat your dog with pomegranate occasionally, but it should be mixed with other food items, for example- cookies. Pomegranate has antioxidants ingredients in it, which is very beneficial for your dog. Your dog stays healthy and happy if your dog intakes foods rich in antioxidants.

If you choose to feed your dog with pomegranates mixed with other food items, you don’t have to worry about the health issues which generally occur after consuming pure pomegranate including seeds to your dog.

But please never feed pure pomegranate to your dogs on any grounds.

Can Dogs Eat Pomegranate Seeds - Fresh, Dried or Juice

Are all antioxidants present in pomegranate healthy for my dog?

No, all the antioxidants present in pomegranate are not healthy or suitable for your dog. One such antioxidant is Tannin, which is present naturally in plants and may lead to some minor digestive problems in your canine.

Pomegranate comprises of ellagic acids, tannins, anthocyanins. These are very high antioxidants which may not be consumed by your dog which is in the condensed form.

So your dog may have some gastric problems. Please understand that pomegranate does not suit all the dogs. Please don’t be tensed if your dog falls sick after consumption of pomegranate, just stop feeding your dog pomegranate in future.

What are the health problems faced by my dog after consuming pomegranates?

There are certain health issues which your dog might face after consumption of pomegranate for example, severe stomach ache. Dog’s stomach is delicate as far as acidic juices is concerned which tend to make your dog suffer from stomach problems.

Your dog may also puke or vomit after consuming pomegranate, please don’t worry and provide them plenty of water to drink. It will surely help and give relief to your dog.

What should be done with the pomegranate seeds?

Arils are the edible seeds present in the pomegranates for eating. These seeds are full of tasty juices. Human beings often consume the entire seed or squeeze them to extract the juice.

But it is not so easy for the dogs to eat these seeds. If your want to feed your canine pomegranate seeds then you will have to feed the seeds one by one, this is a very strenuous job indeed. It is better to skip feeding this juicy fruit to your dog.

So pomegranate should be eaten by dogs?

Yes, you can let your dog eat pomegranate but don’t provide them pure pomegranate. There are chances that your canine might suffer from stomach ache after consuming this juicy nutritional fruit. This fruit is acidic as well. Your dog might face problems in chewing the seeds of the pomegranate. So just skip off the idea of offering pomegranate to your lovely furry pet.

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