Can dogs eat spicy Jalapeno peppers?

What happens if my dog ate jalepeno peppers

Can I Give Dogs Jalapeno?

Dogs are the most loved creature on earth that one may have. They are loyal and they are sweet. When it comes to a dog’s diet, then you must be very much concerned. After all it is your best friend. Well, you know that most of the foods with spicy flavor have jalapenos in them. It is found in many recipes and you won’t disagree that they are tasty.

You may sometimes wonder that if these jalapenos are healthy for your dogs. Are they right for your dogs? It’s a big and important question for you to know. So here is the answer to your question.

The answer is NO, Jalapeno is not recommended for Dogs.

The jalapeño is a medium-sized chili pepper pod type cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum. A mature jalapeño fruit is 5–10 cm long and hangs down with a round, firm, smooth flesh of 25–38 mm wide. And who says chili is good for dog? Jalapenos are not actually poison to dogs but that are also not a good choice for them. These are not something that is to be given to dogs. The main reason that jalapeno are not recommended for dogs is that there are spices and dogs are not so good in digesting spicy food.

Are hot sauce and jalapenos harmful to dogs

Why Jalapeno is harmful for dogs?

You must know that you are not doing a good job by giving your dog spicy food. There is a sort of harm giving dogs jalapeno spice. Hot jalapeno can damage dogs if they are given it regularly. And this is the reason to why dogs should not be given spices. Keep them away from dogs.

Dogs and spicy food like jalapeno do not share a healthy relationship with each other. Dogs are not like humans. Their digestive system is predictable. They are habitual of having dog food daily which includes bread, milk, meat, egg, chapatti and dog readymade food items. Changes in their food do not suit them.

Well, your dog even does not like to eat these types of food. It may show that it may like it but that is only the excitement that anyone shows or have when he see something new. But it may give your dog severe stomachache. He will be in pain.

What if dog took Jalapeno accidentally?

Well, you don’t need to panic if your dog ate jalapeno without your consent or if it had any food containing jalapeno. Yes it will be a short problem but it will not last for much time. But remember to keep an eye on it and yeah he may face the problem of diarrhea. Still you will be happy to know that you can give it canned pumpkin. And it will definitely make it feel better. Also you need not worry if it fell ill because luckily this food is not as harmful for your buddy to take him to the hospital. So just be calm and think what else you can do rather than just being worried and panicked.

What to give in place of Jalapeno?

If you want to treat your dog with something tastier than regular dog food then you must not think that it would like the same kind of food that you like. You may like spicy and cheesy food but both these food items will not be beneficial for your dog. Rather, they will be harmful. You can give it anything that you think it likes, may be fresh meat or specially prepared dog food and is good for its body. You know your dog better and so its choices.

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