Can dogs eat watermelon with seeds?

can dogs eat watermelon rind
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Can I give dogs watermelon or watermelon seeds?

Watermelon can be good for the dog. Watermelon is full of minerals and vitamins, with a few calories. It hydrates the body as well, which keeps the body cool all the time.

It is fine to feed your dog with watermelon, but please keep in mind that humans can digest fruits faster than animals, so if your dog is taking more time to digest watermelon it is fine. Please note that having digestive problems don’t predict that watermelon is unhealthy intake for your dog.

In summer it’s opted to give your pet some slices of watermelon as it hydrates their body and keeps them fresh throughout the day.

Is it healthy to give watermelon to Dog?

Yes, you can feed your dog watermelon but in appropriate quantity.

Watermelon is full of magnesium, vitamin c, and potassium and beta carotene. All these ingredients are good for your dog, especially for their digestive system. Watermelon is a great treat in the summers for your pet as they might be running to and fro throughout the day; their body requires more amount of intake of water. So watermelon is the best food to curb their thirst, but remember that watermelon should be given to them occasionally.

Reasons not to feed your dog water melon

Though watermelon is good for both humans and dogs in summer, the problem is that, the watermelon is composed of 91% water. This can be harmful to your pet.

can dogs have watermelon without seeds

It is often found that dogs lose their appetite and fall sick. They may have diarrhea and weak immune systems. So watermelons should not be fed very frequently to dogs.

Why it is necessary to feed your Dog watermelon in moderation?

It is advised to feed watermelon to your dog in moderation as this may lead to bowel changes. Please doesn’t panic, to avoid such conditions you should moderate the intake of watermelon by your dog.

Regular intake of watermelon results in increased urination which leads to hydration. There are chances that your dog might have some gastric problems. If your dog gets diarrhea, then you should stop to serve watermelon to your dog and give it boiled water to recover soon.

Feed your dog seedless watermelon

It’s mandatory to remove the seeds of watermelon before giving them to your dog. This will minimize the chances of having digestive problems to your dog.

Though watermelon seeds are not harmful like other fruit seeds, but still it would be great if you can feed your pet seedless watermelon.

The connection between dog digestive system and fruits intake

It is not harmful to feed your dog fruits once in a blue moon, but regular consumption can upset their stomach. Some of the fruits are very harmful to your dog’s digestive system. Grapes are one such harmful fruit for your dog.

Human beings may also have digestion issues after consuming certain fruits, so it’s normal for dogs if they also experience some digestive problems but it should be not be severe. It is also found that dogs might have canine problems by continuous intake of watermelon.

The conclusion of giving watermelon to Dogs

Yes, of course, you can give watermelon to your dogs. Watermelon is full of vitamins, nutrients and it is a low – calorie fruit. This is tasty and refreshing treat for dogs, if their digestive systems are not disturbed. Do serve watermelon in small slices and in moderation and keep in mind that all the slices fed to your lovely pet should be seedless. If your dog is served small slices and seedless watermelon then there are fewer chances of occurrence of digestive problems or even diarrhea. So, just go ahead and treat yourself and your dog with refreshing watermelon and stay healthy.

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