Can I use Orajel on my dog’s teeth?

should i get my dogs teeth cleaned
should i get my dogs teeth cleaned

What is the use of Orajel for dogs?

The Orajel that is made for pets use can be used for dogs sometimes for problems like earaches, gum inflammation, pain caused due to trauma, and skin conditions. But it should be prescribed by a vet only.

The major ingredient in Orajel i.e. benzocaine helps block nerve signals to alleviate pain. The drug is formulated in a cream or ointment form.

Orajel for a pet dog’s toothache or teething

It is not recommended to give Orajel to your pet dog mainly due to the presence of Benzocaine, which is the active ingredient in Orajel. Orajel comes in various concentrations. Especially Human-grade concentration versions can cause side effects in your dog. And also, if your dog is small i.e. puppy or of a small breed, you should avoid giving Orajel to your dog as due to their small size benzocaine can be toxic for them.

What concentration of Orajel would be suitable for my dog?

The relatively safe concentration of Orajel would be of 10% benzocaine potency which will give you a desired numbing effect. More concentrated versions like 20% formulations or Maximum Strength Orajel should be avoided as it is not suitable for your dog.

What are some side effects of Orajel for my dog?

Some studies found out that benzocaine triggered Methemoglobinemia, which is a type of anemia in animals like dogs. Orajel has the potential to harm your dog.

What precautions should I take if I decide to apply Orajel to my dog?

Only use Orajel having concentrations of 10% or less. If your dog is small, young or is of a naturally small breed then avoid this medication. Do not apply Orajel to any open wounds. Consult your vet before giving Orajel to your dog as your dog’s health condition and the past record would affect the dosage and even if the user is safe or not. Do not let your dog eat or lick the Orajel from the places it is applied, you can use an Elizabethan collar to prevent that and keep the Orajel tube away from your dog’s reach.

Is Orajel safe and effective for my dog?

Benzocaine found on Orajel that is formulated for dogs is generally safe. Although some dogs can be more sensitive as compared to others. As a result, some common side effects can be skin irritation in the area where the cream has been applied or a serious rash if your dog is more sensitive. There can bad allergic reactions too which may cause wheezing or vomiting in your dog, in which case, the area should be cleaned of Orajel, and veterinarian assistance should be taken. There is also a risk of methemoglobinemia, which is a kind of anemia in which reduces the amount of oxygen carried through the blood if a high concentration of Orajel is given. Your dog can also suffer if he licks or eats the Orajel applied to his gums or skin. Therefore Orajel is not very safe for your dog.

As for effectiveness, it is only a temporary solution and that if the vet gives it a go. It is not recommended to be used every time, it may give some relief in a short time but in the longer term, it is no good.


Orajel is just a temporary solution at best. It may give relief to your dog in conditions like gum problems, teething, toothache, earaches etc but it’s for the short term. Orajel has many complications like it being toxic if your dog consumes it. And there are various precautions you need to take to use Orajel for your dog. Try to avoid using Orajel for your dog and don’t give Orajel without consulting your vet.

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