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Can I Give My Dog Cheese

If you have come upon this article in all probabilities you want to be better informed about the suitability of certain food items when it comes to your pet. And like most well meaning dog owners you must have realized that there are a lot of everyday food items out there that might seem harmless to us but are toxic for our pets!

So knowing about the suitability of human foods to dogs can go a long way in ensuring the health and well being of your beloved pet and that of course includes cheese as well.

Yes You Can Give Cheese To Your Dog  

Cheese is actually one of those human foods that can be given to dogs. So go ahead and give your pet some cheese but only as a treat and in tiny amounts! Now that you know that it is okay to give cheese to dogs do remember that there is a reason why human foods and dog foods are different. And cheese belongs in the first category!

Dogs have very different nutritional requirements from humans which is why vets and dog care providers always stress upon the importance of giving pets good quality dog food. So if you are giving your pet a well balanced diet which has been produced specifically for dogs, treating them to some human foods like fruits, vegetables and cheese that is nutritious for dogs is completely fine.

What kind of American, Muenster, provolone or Cotija cheese can I give my dog

Most dogs love gulping cheeses. You can give them almost any type of cheese as long as they don’t get sick after eating it. So first you always should try little bit to see if there is any strange reaction to it.

Cheese and Lactose Intolerance in Dogs

Yes just like humans, animals too suffer from lactose intolerance, especially dogs. In simple terms, the inability to digest dairy and dairy products due to the absence of a body enzyme called lactase leads to lactose intolerance. And just like humans every dog is different. So some dogs can have dairy without any problems while some have very distressing symptoms after consuming dairy products.

So if your pet suffers from flatulence, bloating or diarrhea after having milk they are lactose intolerant so just don’t ever feed any cheese or other dairy products to them unless the products have been processed and are completely lactose free.

The Best and Worst Kinds of Cheese For Dogs

Now that you know that it is okay to feed your dog some cheese here are some important points to keep in mind for the sake of your pet’s well being. Firstly the sodium content in a lot of cheese is very high which can be very dangerous for dogs. So go for cheese that is low in sodium. Secondly there are a large number of brands which sell lactose free cheese and they make for very a good option for dogs. So think low sodium and lactose free when you are looking for suitable cheese for your beloved doggie.  Also cottage cheese, especially made from goat’s milk makes for the very best kind of healthy treat for dogs!

Now for some commonly eaten cheese varieties which are dangerous for dogs. All cheeses high in salt content, Swiss, mozzarella, and blue cheese as well as cheese snacks and finger foods are all a big no! These varieties are laden with sodium, fats and additives which are all very toxic for dogs.

So all in all, yes you can feed cheese to your dog but rarely so and in the form of small amounts of doggie treats. But before you treat your dog to some cheese ensure that they don’t suffer from lactose intolerance. Finally choosing a low sodium, low fat and lactose free variant of cheese will not only make your pet happy but very healthy as well!

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