my dog ate a loaf of bread

Can I Give My Dog Bread or Dough

Your pet dog is most probably your dearly adored best friend but treating them with human foods is not a good idea at all. Firstly there are much healthier ways of letting your dog know how much they are loved like giving them a good belly rub or a well needed game of fetch and throw! As it is it can be a tough task to keep your dog from eating everything and anything around the house without adding more unsuitable foods to their diet. But that said not all human foods are harmful for dogs and if you are wondering if it is okay to feed your dog some bread read on!

Yes But Sparingly!

Before we start talking about the suitability of giving bread to your dogs, we must clarify that the nutritional requirements of dogs are very different from humans. This is why it’s best to give your pet good quality dog food and a food staple as common and everyday as bread can be given to dogs but very sparingly. That’s right your answer to the question if you can give your dog bread is yes you can but occasionally and in very tiny amounts.

So if you are really tempted to give your dog a piece of toast and want to know if it will harm them go ahead and give your pet a small piece. Bread is not toxic or harmful for dogs but not the best nutritional option for them anyways!

Read This Section Carefully Before Giving Your Dog Bread

My dog ate a whole loaf of bread is she going to be alright? While we have given a green flag to feeding bread to your dog there are some very important considerations you need to keep in mind for the sake of your pet’s health. Firstly and most importantly if your dog is allergic to gluten and has problem digesting wheat then bread is a big no. And if you are wondering how to find out if wheat products suit your dog watch out for symptoms of gas, bloating, tummy aches and loose stools after your pet has eaten any wheat product. If your pooch shows any of these symptoms be sure to report your observations to the vet so that they can confirm whether your pet has a gluten allergy or not.

In case you doggie is lucky and can digest wheat products easily, only and only give them whole wheat or multi grain bread without any other additives. Breads containing raisins or chocolate chips can be very harmful to dogs as both these food items are toxic for them. So be very careful to ensure that your doggie’s rare bread treat is made up of wholegrain only!

Bread Dough Is Very Dangerous For Dogs

While we are talking about bread and dogs, informing our readers about the dangers of bread dough for pets is imperative. Consuming bread dough can be life threatening for dogs as the yeast in the dough continues to make the dough expand inside their stomachs which can be very dangerous.  So if bread is baked at your home make sure that the dough is kept completely out of your pet’s reach. In case your dog has eaten some dough just take him to the vet for a thorough treatment right away!

To sum it up, bread is not dangerous to dogs but not the best food for them either. Used as a rare treat and in the form of wholegrain toast bites, bread can be given to dogs once in a while. On the other hand, bread dough is very dangerous for dogs and needs o be kept out of their reach at all costs!

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