Can I Give My Dog Ham

Just reading the word ham brings up holiday memories and festive times of most of us. Ham is one of the most popular meat products across the world which is why it is eaten more or less through out the year and especially during thanksgiving and Christmas. And when it comes to the holiday season we are all guilty of overindulging and often times include our pets as well.

But while we may feel like our furry friends deserve all the goodies we are indulging in, the truth is that unless we are really careful a lot of people foods can actually harm our pet’s health. So what about ham, is it okay to give it to dogs and more importantly is it any good for them? Read on to know the answer!

No Do Not Give Ham To Your Dog

While it might be okay for you and your family to indulge in some ham every once in a while it is definitely not healthy for your dog. Even in small amounts ham can be very harmful for your dog’s health which is why you should never give them any which includes table scraps as well!

my dog ate ham what should i do

Before we tell you exactly why ham should not be fed to dogs we would like to make an important mention about ham bones as well. There are often times when we feel like treating our pet dogs to bones but we should be very careful when we do so. Ham bones in particular should never be given to dogs as they can form splinters and seriously choke as well as injure them. So for the record both ham as well as ham bones should be kept out of your pet’s reach at all costs!

Ham Has Serious Health Implications for Your Pet

Okay so if you are still not entirely convinced that giving your dog a few scraps of ham cannot be that bad for them then read this section very carefully. Firstly ham is a byproduct of pork which in itself is not a healthy meat to feed dogs. Secondly ham is basically aged prime cuts of pork which is cured using a very high amount of salt. As we know that sodium in any amount is highly toxic for dogs and the quantity of sodium in ham is extremely high. Finally ham is a very fatty meat product and fats are not good for dogs as they can create immediate pancreatic disorders in dogs and long term obesity as well.

So now that you are aware of the serious health implications of feeding ham to your dog make sure that you give them better options if you feel like treating them and there are many delicious and healthy options which we will be talking about in the next section!

What to Do If Your Dog Has Eaten Ham  

Whether you have given your pet some ham or they have consumed some accidentally you should be concerned as it can affect your dog’s health adversely. If your pet has consumed a large amount of ham which means more than a few scraps then it is best to take them to the nearest pet care center as soon as possible. Ham can cause bloating and serious pancreatic problems in dogs which require immediate medical attention. Some other side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and weakness in limbs all of which warrant an urgent visit to the veterinarian.

Like we have mentioned before as ham is basically cured pork it is not one of the healthiest meats to feed dogs. Meats like chicken, lamb and beef are some of the best proteins to give your pet which is why good dog food brands offer them in their formulations. Therefore refrain from giving your pet ham entirely as it can seriously affect their health and well being.

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