can dogs eat grapes

Can I Give My Dog Grapes

If you have a dog at home it is very important to be aware of common people foods which are harmful if consumed by dogs. You will be surprised to know that apart from the usual list of sugary, salty, spiced or fried foods which are clearly unhealthy for our pets there are a large number of seemingly safe fruits and vegetables which can be toxic for dogs.

So where does that leave us with grapes? Can we give our dogs Grapes without any adverse effects?

Answer – No Never Give Grapes To Your Dog

If you are new to the dangers of grapes to dogs you might be shocked to know that a fruit which is actually very healthy for humans can be toxic for dogs.  But it is a well established medical fact that the bodies of dogs react very adversely to grapes and therefore this fruit should never be given to them.

Before we go ahead and explain how and why exactly grapes are a big no for dogs we suggest that for the sake of your pet’s well being all dog owners should inform every member of their home to never give them many grapes due to the serious health consequences.

Grape and Raisin Poisoning in Dogs

Grapes are Highly Toxic For Dogs

The reason why grapes should never be fed to dogs, even in very small amounts is because they cause serious damage to their kidneys. The enzymes present in the grapes create an adverse reaction in the kidneys of dogs sometimes leading to permanent damage and kidney failure. And the tricky part about grapes is that it is completely unpredictable whether your pet will have an adverse reaction to them or not.

But if you have fed grapes to your pet before and they have been completely fine that doesn’t mean that it cannot be toxic to them in the future. Therefore when it comes to feeding dogs, steer clear of grapes entirely.

Symptoms of Grape Poisoning in Dogs

Some of the symptoms of toxicity of grapes in dogs include vomiting, loose stools, excessive thirst and urination, lethargy, loss of appetite, weakness in limbs and abdominal cramps. If you suspect that your pet might be suffering from poisoning from grapes it is important to monitor them for at least twelve hours as most symptoms are slow to show up. In case you have fed your dog some grapes or they have accidently consumed some just rush them to the nearest pet care centre as soon as possible.

While immediate medical intervention can help save your dog from kidney damage, long term exposure to grape toxicity can lead to complete kidney failure and possible death of your pet.

All Kinds of Grapes and Grape Products are out of Bounds

That’s right, all members of the grape family pose health threats to dogs. Here we would like to mention that raisins are also highly toxic for dogs especially because they are a much more concentrated form of grapes. Also all kinds of grape products including juice, popsicles and wine should be kept completely out of your pet’s reach for the sake of their health and safety!

So to sum it up, when it comes to giving dogs fruits we need to tread very carefully. While some fruits are beneficial for our pets and make for healthy doggie treat options, others can be downright toxic for them which specifically include grapes. Grapes can cause serious kidney damage and organ failure in dogs and this is why this fruit should be kept completely out of reach of dogs at all costs.

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