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Can Dogs Eat Ice Cubes

Can I Give My Dog Ice Cube

Most dogs love to chew ice cubes, especially when weather is hot. And eating ice is safe for them as long as they are given moderately under supervision.

What to consider before giving ice to a dog?

Before you can treat your dog with ice, make ensure of two things:

First, take care that your dog does not eat too many ice cubes too quickly. When dogs are thirsty may be because of hot or heavy exercise, they tend to eat lot of ice and that too very quickly which is the risk factor resulting in bloating. There have been rumors that ice causes muscle spasm which leads to swollen stomach and fatal bloat. But, it is not true. Experts believe that canine can bloat after drinking or eating  too fast in general, regardless of whether water contains ice cubes or not.

Second, dog owner should give small pieces of ice because if your canine violently chews away on hard big ice instead of waiting to melt in mouth, there is a big chance that your pet could break or damage his teeth and possibility is there that he could dislodge his throat. You can crush it into small pieces or give him small ice cubes. Giving small pieces is the safest way to avoid accidental swallowing and choking.

Is feeding dog with ice is an attribute of bloat?

can ice cubes make a dog sick

Bloat is caused when dogs eat too much or too fast and thereby suck in air which allows stomach to fill with gas. As mentioned above, ice is not directly harmful for dogs. But if it is eaten too fast and in large quantities then there is potential risk of bloat. When a dog’s stomach bloats, there is a risk for flipping that leads to an emergency condition known as GDV (gastric Dilatation and Volvulus). Large breed dogs with deep chests like Golden Shepherd, Saint Bernard, Irish Setters, Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles and Great Danes are at higher risk for bloat.

How to give ice to a dog?

First, you can crush some ice cubes into tiny pieces and put them in your pet’s bowl or secondly, you can directly put some cubes in canine’s water bowl to make it cold and nice.

How much ice can be given to dog?

Moderation is the key to prevent access consumption. Apart of it, if you give ice to your dog on daily basis then they would start to show behavioral problems if he does not get his daily diet of ice.

Some dog owners use to give their pet ice to treat heatstroke and that could prove dangerous. You should immediately take the dog to vet if it gets overheated. One should never waste time trying to get the pet to drink cold water or ice.

Avoid circumstances when dog is desperate for fluids and consumes huge amount if ice all at one time. Avoid exercise for an hour or more. Keep him hydrated time and again. Dog owner should give small crushed quantity at a time and not let his pet to eat lot of ice at one go. So, to sum up consuming ice cubes or cold water in moderation is not harmful.

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