Is it OK for dogs to eat pork sausages “saveloys”?

Can My Dog Eat Sausage
Can My Dog Eat Sausage

Can dogs eat saveloys?

Just like any other sausages, saveloy is not advisable to be fed to dogs. Although small amounts are tolerable but overall is not good and should not be recommended. This sausage is highly processed which contains a high amount of fats and sodium. Too much intake of fat and sodium can lead to chronic heart disease which is often fatal. Saveloy also has spices that are dangerous to your dog’s health. Thus, this product should be avoided as much as possible.

What is a saveloy?

A saveloy is a type of sausage that is highly seasoned and usually boiled. It is mostly served in European countries especially in British fish and chip shops. Traditionally, saveloy is made from pork brains but since it has already been commercialized, the main ingredients bought in shops are now typically pork, emulsifiers, and other seasonings. Moreover, saveloy is best served with chips. Although it is a delicious sausage, you should always remember that not everything a human finds tasty is also good for pets. Some of the substances found in saveloys are toxic to dogs hence should be rescinded.

Is saveloy good for my dogs?

Dogs may find saveloy delicious just like human beings. However, some of its ingredients are toxic to a dog’s body. An excessive intake might even lead to chronic diseases which are fatal if left untreated. Processed foods like saveloys are definitely not recommended for a dog’s diet. It highly contains fats, sodium, and other preservatives that are harmful to dogs once digested. Even the spices that have been added to saveloy may cause stomach pains. Thus, it is better if you refrain from making saveloy as your dog treat to prevent any complications.

dog eats sausages
Can my Landseer dog eat saveloys sausages?

Are the components of saveloy harmful to my dogs?

Definitely, YES. Saveloy is a highly processed food that contains a lot of spices and preservatives which are dangerous to a dog’s health. Other than pork as the main ingredient, it also consists of pork fat, salt, emulsifiers, spices like garlic and onions, and preservatives such as sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate. These substances are well-known to be unsafe once regularly consumed. Your pooch may even get a parasite called Trichinosis from an undercooked or contaminated saveloy which causes severe illnesses. These components are highly recommended to be avoided and should never become part of your dog’s diet otherwise you’ll find your dog inside a clinic one day if not prevented.

What would happen if my dog accidentally ate saveloy?

Accidents do happen and if one day you’ll find out your dog consumed a stick of saveloy, panicking is not the key. A small amount of sausage does not immediately result in a sudden death so there is no need to panic. However, this will always depend on the dog’s health condition. There are dogs who have a very sensitive tummy who often get to suffer chronic illnesses. Thus, as a pet owner, it is relevant that you should be aware of your pet’s condition so that you will be able to know which foods are not suitable and should be refrained. You must have all the details pertaining to his/her health so that if a situation like this happens, you already know what to do. If you find symptoms that are unlikely such as nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and a sudden change of behavior, you must act immediately and consult your vet especially if the symptoms persist.

Can I use saveloy as a dog treat once in a while?

Sausages are not recommended to be part of a dog’s diet because of their toxic components which can result in severe illnesses or even worse, death.

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