Is rice and chicken a good diet for dogs?

raw diet plan for dogs
Do dogs get bored of eating the same thing?

Can I feed my dog rice and chicken every day?

Yes, boiled and cooked rice and chicken may be given every day but better is if you give it alternate day so that your dog relishes it much more. Vets mostly recommend cooked chicken and rice for dogs as it is a good combination of starch and protein which kindles the hunger of dog in the case of loss of appetite of your dear canine.

 Rice or chicken given separately is not a balanced diet so both given together form a good combination and a balanced diet.

What is a bland diet for dogs?

raw diet plan for dogs

When boiled chicken breast and boiled rice are given together to dogs it is a bland diet, which means it easily digestible with less fiber content and is soft in nature.

 How much chicken and rice should you feed your dog?

Rice and chicken should be given in moderate quantities only, that is, maximum around 200 g rice and 100 g chicken in a single serving for adult dog. For the younger pup the quantity should be lesser.

How do I cook chicken and rice for my dog?

To cook chicken: Choose chicken breasts without bones and skin. Cut chicken into approximately 1.5 cm pieces for small breed dogs and 2.5 cm pieces for large breed dogs. Put the pieces in a medium size container and pour water in it so that all the chicken pieces are fully immersed in water. Boil it for 15 to 20 minutes till it is completely white. Separate broth from chicken and keep it separately. This broth will be used to cook rice for added flavor.

To cook rice: First of all rinse the rice 2-3 times in water till the poured water is clear. Then soak the rice is chicken broth for about 1 to 2 hours. Soaking of rice in water will speed up the cooking process as the water absorption is already started in it. Secondly rinsing and soaking in water removes starch from the rice grains and they do not stick together while or after cooking. The cooking time of rice after soaking in broth or water is just 10 minutes, without soaking the rice takes 20 minutes to cook.

After cooling the rice pour already cut and boiled chicken pieces in it and mix it well using a ladle. The rice to chicken ratio should be 3:1 or 2:1 for better taste and creating a balanced diet out of the prepared meal.

Can rice and chicken constipate a dog?  

Rice and chicken will not constipate a dog if given in moderate quantities. The rice and chicken combination will help to firm up the stool of your pooch in case it is suffering from diarrhea.

How long till a dog poops after eating chicken and rice?

A dog poops after about  6 to 8 hours of having chicken and rice as boiled breast of chicken (without skin and bones) and rice together contain less fiber and thus dog poops less frequently because the food is very easily digested and formation of stool is low and slow.

Does commercially available pet food contain rice and chicken?

Yes, many pet foods contains rice and chicken so you need to check the label of the package where the contents of the food are clearly mentioned. But boiled rice and chicken prepared at home is definitely better for your dog as it is fresh and more nutritious without any preservatives.

So you may feed rice and chicken combination to your favorite canine every day. It will help to cure stomach ailments if any and will stimulate the pet’s desire for food if it is suffering from loss of appetite. This combination of food will also be a tasty treat for you dog and you may give it after a training session to your pet.

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  1. Chicken and rice is very soothing for dogs’ stomachs. I always give it to my German Shepherd Hank when he has gastritis, which is very painful stomach condition. After a few days on the chicken and rice diet, his stomach is much better and he can go back to eating his normal diet.

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