My dog ate Edam cheese, should I be worried?

can dogs eat edam cheese
can dogs eat edam cheese

Is Edam cheese OK for puppies and older dogs to eat?

Technically Yes, dogs can eat Edam cheese. It is suitable for lactose intolerant dogs too as it is low in lactose. But overall, it’s cheese and has lots of fats and sodium which isn’t good for dogs. Therefore it should be given in small and very moderate quantities only.

What is Edam cheese?

Edam finds is a semi-hard cheese that had originated in the northern regions of the Netherlands. It is served as a dessert or starter, served with fruits like peaches, cherries, and apricots. It is made with milk from cows or goats and has a pale yellow interior with a coating of red paraffin wax on top. It has a mild taste of creamy, salty, and nutty tones with creamy and nutty taste at the base and salty in random locations through the cheese.

Which is the best cheese for my dog?

Cottage Cheese is one of the best and safest cheeses for your dog. It is low in calories, fats, salts and high in proteins and calcium which makes it good for a dog’s health. Other low-lactose cheese options include Swiss cheese, Monterey Jack, and Colby.

Can dogs eat any cheese in general?

Yes, dogs can eat cheese, except blue cheese, all other cheeses aren’t poisonous or toxic to dogs. But that doesn’t mean you should give cheese regularly or in large amounts to your dog. Cheeses should be served in small quantities in moderation.

What precautions should I take before serving cheese to my dog?

You should check for the freshness of the cheese before serving it, to make sure it isn’t rotten or having some foreign matter on it. Don’t give blue cheese to your dog as it has roquefortine C, which isn’t very good for your dogs. It can lead to vomiting, fever, diarrhea, and even seizures in some cases. Cheese made with ingredients such as garlic, onion, herbs, or any other similar ingredients should be avoided as these are toxic for your dog. If your dog is Lactose intolerant, overweight, have upset stomach or kidney problems then cheeses should be offered to your dog.

Should I give Edam cheese to my dog as a treat?

Yes, you can give Edam cheese to your dog if you want. It can be used as a treat during training, as a tasty treat once in a while, or as a medicine concealer as dogs finds cheese very tasty. But you should know that there are not many health benefits of cheese for your dog like the calcium content in it.

There are also bad effects like weight gain due to the tons of saturated fat content in cheese, upset stomach in case your dog is lactose intolerant as cheese is made from dairy. In some cases, diarrhea or pancreatitis can also occur in dogs. Therefore you should keep the amount to a minimum.

How Much Cheese should I feed my dog?

The amount would depend on your dog’s size, breed, and past medical conditions but in general, a couple of small pieces on some occasions would be fine.

What are some bad health effects of cheese on dogs?

There can be bad health effects like weight gain or obesity in dogs due to high fat and calories in cheese. Cheese can also be toxic to your dog if it contains ingredients like garlic, herbs, chives, onions, etc. Your dog may also suffer from dehydration or excessive urination if the cheese has high salt content. Lactose intolerant dogs shouldn’t be fed cheese as their stomach wouldn’t be able to digest it.

Can puppies and older dogs eat goat cheese?

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