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Can a dog eat kale

Can I Give My Dog Kale?

Kale for dogs? Why not? Kale is a veggie that can be cooked in several ways. It can be a palatable and a delectable dish to add to your dog’s food. Though a lot of pet owners disagree with the idea of incorporating this greens to your pet’s diet, there are several reasons why you need to think not only twice. You may be informed that it does wonders to your dog if given correctly.

Is Raw or Cooked Kale Safe for My Dog?

There are a lot of issues today linking kale and dogs’ health. Some may even make it seem like a taboo to feed this veggie to dogs because of health related concerns. But here is the good news! Yes you can give kale to your dog provided that he has no allergy to it. This veggie is rich in beta carotene, vitamins K and C. It is also a good source of calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is rich in fiber making it a tool to alleviate constipation. View it as a good idea to add kale to his diet once in a while because it is low in calories making it good filler while maintaining ideal weight. With all its nutritive properties, this veggie helps your pet’s body to fight cancer cells, colon cancer in particular.

How much kale should I give my dog?

Like most doggie foods, the key here is moderation as you don’t like your pet dog to go overboard. It is discouraged to feed it to your pet in plate after plate or on a daily basis. A once in a blue moon kale meal will be just fine.

Is kale toxic to dogs?

my dog ate kale what should i do

Always be guided with the idea that your dog is not an herbivore. Its digestive tract is designed to digest meat. Excessive amount of this veggie may not be tolerable for him especially because of its high fiber attribute. The first sign to note when you’ve gone too far in feeding your dog with kale is loose watery stools.

Are there special consideration for kale?

As with other dog foods, the introduction of kale to your dog should be accompanied with sane judgment by you as the owner. Anything that is too much gives bad effects. Note that excessive kale intake is not also suggested because of Thallium poisoning. This is the foremost reason why dog owners completely omit kale. Improper thyroid function is another reason why kale is on a bad note. Its high oxalate content gives others a good reason not to give it to their dogs as it has something to do with kidney and bladder stones. You don’t need to be scared of this matter because as long as you are not feeding your pet with a diet that consists of kale 100%, your dog is on a safe ground. Make sure to cook it first to get rid of those thyroid damaging properties.

As a pet owner, it is good to have enough common sense in order for you to know what is best for your dog. Weigh the pros and cons of giving kale to your pet. Remember that this veggie, if given correctly, will be beneficial to your dog’s health. Moderation is the key.

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