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Are jelly beans OK for dogs

Can I Give My Dog Jelly Beans

Hello canine lovers! Your dog is sitting beside you as you pop a bag of jelly beans, dog’s natural reaction would be to look at you and ask for some. It may be tempting on your part to give a handful to him. Your pup does a good trick and you want to give him a reward. Omit the jelly beans please! Doggie loves it but not everything he loves may be good for him and jelly beans are included in a not-for-dogs menu.

Below are the reasons why you should not give this treat to your dog:

High Sugar Content

The main ingredient of jelly beans is sugar and this makes it the reason why it is a big no-no for doggies. Sugary foods upset their stomachs.  This may be the culprit why they seem agitated and on fours when they accidentally ingest something sugary. Sweets may also cause your doggie to have dental cavities and diabetes. Obesity is another possible problem and you wouldn’t like a dog that looks like dumbo.

Pectin Content

This is a highly soluble fiber derived from citrus fruits and apples. It is normally given to dogs when they are suffering from diarrhea. However, it is not advisable to feed them with foods that contain increased amounts of pectin because continued consumption will eventually lead to constipation and a disturbance in your pet’s digestive system.

what happens if a dog eats jelly beans

Caffeine Content

Jelly beans may contain caffeine and this should be totally eliminated from your pet’s diet. Always remember that your dog is more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than you. This causes stimulation of your dog’s central nervous system and irritability. As a matter of fact, a very minimal amount when ingested may be fatal.

Artificial Content

As it is not good for humans, it is not also recommended for your dog’s consumption particularly if it is an artificially concocted dye. This may contain additives that can cause allergy. This alone is a big issue. Excitability may also take place as a result of artificial dye intake. Better opt to add natural food coloring that you can find in your kitchen or in health stores.

Artificial Sweeteners

Some goodies in the market today like jelly beans may contain xylitol, a threatening additive. This is toxic for dogs and just to show you how lethal it is, a 30 minute time frame is all it takes for its unpleasant reaction to take pace. This is often manifested as a dramatic drop in blood sugar level, lethargy and vomiting. Seizure may follow along with internal hemorrhage and liver damage.

It can be concluded then that it is best to avoid giving Jelly Beans to dogs either as a reward or a threat. As a pet lover, you would not like to see your doggie with the above mentioned symptoms and signs of jelly bean ingestion. It may be tempting to give this to your doggie but make it a habit to read the label. Check the ingredients and be cautious if there is one that is not for dog’s food. Always settle for the safest.

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