Should dogs eat cooked or raw chicken schnitzel?

Can my dog eat chicken schnitzel with chips and jaeger gravy?
Can my dog eat chicken schnitzel with chips and jaeger gravy?

Can dogs eat chicken schnitzel?

No, your dog should not eat chicken schnitzel. Any food item which is high in fats is bad for dogs to eat, chicken schnitzel is one of them. Your dog should not consume this food because the process of preparing it includes frying which adds high amounts of fats. Spices are also added to it which are not good for dogs and will lead to irritation in the throat and high sodium levels will cause excessive thirst, dizziness, etc. Fried food is high in cholesterol and consuming it will lead to serious health issues, mainly intestinal issues.

What is chicken schnitzel? and what is it made of?

It is prepared using the meat of chicken, other varieties of schnitzel can be prepared with any kind of meat i.e. by using beef or pork. Chicken schnitzel has its origin in Austria and is now served all over the world. This dish contains high levels of cholesterol due to frying, which makes it one of those fatty foods which are not healthy to eat. Even for humans, consuming it in large quantities for a long time can lead to obesity, blood pressure issues, etc. The outer layer of this food is prepared by adding flour, eggs, bread crumbs, and spices.

This dish is usually served with fries, mashed potatoes, and salad.

What makes chicken schnitzel bad for dogs to eat?

Highly fatty and greasy food items can cause the intestine to release some enzymes which can severely damage the inner layer of a dog’s intestine. Due to this, chicken schnitzel is considered to be toxic to dogs. It can also lead to serious gastrointestinal issues which can be hard to cure. Consuming it in large quantities can lead to serious abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and will give your dog a hard time.

While serving the main ingredient used as toppings is lemon which is highly toxic to dogs. Consuming lemon or any food item which contains citric acid can cause drooling, dizziness, and difficulty in walking properly. In addition, while preparing it some spices are added which is bad for dogs and will lead to excessive thirst and irritation.

Can I serve any other types of schnitzel to my dog?

Chicken schnitzel or any other variety contains a similar amount of fats and is oily due to frying. You should keep these types of oily food away from your dog. Serving it to your dog will only put its health in danger.

If you want to feed chicken to your dog, the best way is to serve boiled chicken with rice or chapati or soup excluding all the toxic ingredients.

What would happen if my dog ate my piece of chicken schnitzel?

If your dog consumed it in a small amount, it will be OK and will not show any symptoms, if your dog has consumed a big piece of it, your dog will suffer from diarrhea, gastrointestinal issues, and abdominal pain. But if your dog ate it in a large quantity then this food will become highly toxic and can lead to inflammation of the pancreas (in other words, pancreatitis).

Not only this, your dog will experience high/ serious abdominal pain and will be unable to walk properly due to dizziness. Chicken schnitzel is a big NO-NO, especially if your dog is less than 1 year of age.

What to do if my dog ate chicken schnitzel by accident?

As mentioned above, your dog will experience the same. If you are aware of the quantity it ate by accident, you should act accordingly. If you do not notice any symptoms make sure your dog does not eat any other fatty food items further. If you notice symptoms, call or consult its regular vet immediately.

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