My dog keeps eating brioche bread, Is it OK?

Brioches breads for dogs
Brioches breads for dogs

Can my dog eat brioche? Are brioche buns bad for dogs?

No, you should not serve this variety of bread to your dog as it contains ingredients that are toxic to dogs. There are a number of varieties of French bread available in the market and this variety is a big no-no for a dog. This bread contains a high amount of eggs and butter which makes it high in fats and proteins which can be very harmful to a dog if consumed in large amounts. Well, even a little amount can cause health issues but a large amount on a regular basis can cause diseases that cannot be cured, like diabetes, obesity, etc.

What is brioche?

It is a kind of bread which has its origin in France. This bread is prepared using a high amount of eggs and butter to give it a tender crumb. The outer layer of the bread is a little dark and golden in texture.

This variety of bread is prepared in the same basic way as normal bread, but due to the presence of some extra ingredients, it has the texture of a pastry. Some extra ingredients include eggs, butter, milk, water, cream, and sometimes brandy and occasionally sugar.

What makes this brioche toxic to dogs?

It can be said that this bread is toxic to dogs as its ingredients can make a dog fall sick very easily. The number of eggs and amount of butter present in it makes it a heavy food item which when consumed in large quantities can cause digestion-related issues like diarrhea, vomiting, and skin-related issues such as itchiness around the ears, pores, loss of hair, etc. The amount of butter present in it can lead to permanent diseases like obesity and regular intake can lead to pancreatitis in dogs. It can also lead to abdominal pain which will give your dog a hard time.

This bread will act as a poison to dogs who have compromised immunity or suffer from diabetes due to the presence of a large quantity of butter.

Does brioche contain alcohol?

Well sometimes the baking process of this bread includes brandy but it is not considered to be an alcoholic bread. Even if the dough contains brandy, the baking process evaporates it into the air just as the water evaporates. There will be no effects of alcohol until the amount does not exceed 1.9%.

After baking the remaining alcoholic amount reduces down to 5% of the poured amount. Therefore this bread cannot be considered to be alcoholic bread.

What to do if my dog ate a lot of brioches?

Your dog will start to show symptoms within 3 to 4 hours of high consumption of brioches, keep a close eye on your dog and notice any weird behavior. Some dogs can show mild symptoms and would need proper medication otherwise it will worsen the situation. If you know the reason for such symptoms is brioches consumption, take it to its regular vet because, with the passing time, health issues will only increase.

If your dog suddenly starts to vomit a lot, do not panic. A vet will easily be able to treat your loved canine friend and it will be good in no time.

What kind of bread is best for my dog?

A white, wheat bread will be the best option for your dog, in any case, a bread’s consumption cannot exceed more than 4-5% of your dog’s full-day meal. Do not cover any bread with toppings as they contain toxic ingredients like onion, garlic, etc. which can be very harmful to a dog. Eating them in large quantities can also lead to death.

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